Wonderful trip Review – Luxury fun yacht cruise to Racha, Coral, and Phromthep Cape from Phuket(1 day tour) No-worries Covid-19

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Today Mamy will take everyone on a trip on a luxury yacht Catamaran. Koh Racha, Coral Island and watch the sunset at Promthep Cape which leaves from Phuket. It is a full day tour trip by sailing from 8.30 until the end of the sunset around 18.30. Travel with the Phuket Honeymoon Tour by booking through Mamy Booking.

This trip was a very fun trip. Make the most of your time. Escape the hustle and bustle and relax with beautiful nature. There are many activities to do such as diving, sightseeing, fishing, and watching the sunset. Staff and guide are friendly and ready to help us at all times. Whether coming as a family, coming with a group of friends or with a couple, it’s very suitable. Because sailing with a catamaran yacht, sitting comfortably, go chilling, and also have a photographer to take photos for free throughout the trip. End the trip back with the impression and beautiful pictures for sure.


Let’s start the trip by checking into the tent at Chalong Pier at 8 am. There will be a staff team calling to make an appointment and a little brief about the program details. Due to the tourist screening measures during this period. The port has temperature measurements. Scan the MorChana apprication to assess the risks of tourists. It’s a safe trip in the Covid Situation. No worries. And also the Phuket SandBox (PSB) makes tourists more confident to travel.

Then we go to the pink Pho Thong (minibus), a free service that takes us to the boat.

Arrived at the boat around 8.30 This trip we traveled by luxury catamaran yacht. 

After boarding the boat, grab a seat and listen to the guide brief about the details of the program trip. Let’s start by traveling to Racha Island first… It takes about 60 minutes.

On the way to Racha Island I took a photo for a while. There are many beautiful angles to take photos. With the right light makes the picture look very expensive. On the boat, there is also a super premium free photographer service. It also recommends angles and poses for us.

Arrived! Racha Island… The water is clear and you can see the corals under the sea as well. The small boat will take us down to the island. We will be on the island for about 2 hours. You can take a walk and see the view or dive in front of the beach. On the island, there are 2 activities: riding an ATV. (1 car can seat 2 people) or Scuba diving, depth not more than 10 meters. *P.S. Additional charges are not included in the trip.

Or anyone who wants to sit and chill on the beach or take a walk and see the view at View Point is beautiful as well because you can see the atmosphere around Racha Island from a high angle. It is another point that you must come to Racha Island.

Mamy bought an additional trip to Scuba diving. It takes about an hour and a half. Well, if you don’t have any experience, you can go diving because they have basic training for you and have trainers to guide you and take private underwater photos for free. Racha Island is considered another island that people who come to Phuket must visit because this place is known for its clear turquoise water and complete coral reefs. And there are many colorful fish to watch. Must be wow for sure! This trip has a lot of beautiful photos underwater.

After scuba diving, we go back to the boat heading to Coral Island. It takes about 40 minutes. During the time it’s noon, there is a food buffet on board and chilling until reaching Coral Island.

We spent about an hour on the island. There are many activities to do on Coral Island. Such as kayaking, wakeboarding, parasailing, scuba diving, or just taking pictures. Because on the island, there are many angles to take chic photos. 

It’s time to go to see the sunset at Phromthep. On the way back, the atmosphere is very good. And there are also fishing activities. If you can fall, you can make fresh sashimi right there, giving you a great atmosphere. Saw the sunset in the corner of the sea at one of the most beautiful spots in Thailand ever.

End of the trip for today with Racha Island, Coral Island and Phromthep Sunset. It can be said that the time spent is really worthwhile with this trip. If anyone who is interested in wanting to have fun and experience nature with the most exemplary experience like this, you can come and look at the program at the website. www.mamybooking.com. Now there is a promotion up to 70% off. Choose the right trip for you.

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