4 recommended natural tourist attractions in Chiang Mai province in 2023

“Welcome to upcoming winter! Today, we have 4 recommended natural tourist attractions in Chiang Mai province.”

Chiang Mai province continues to be one of the most exciting and captivating natural tourist destinations in Thailand. In 2023  there are natural tourist attractions that you should definitely visit.

Today, Mamybooking will take you to discover 4 places that will make your journey in Chiang Mai in 2566 an unforgettable experience.

1.Tea plantation – At Uncle Detch’s House ( Mae Taeng district, Chiang Mai province )

Lung Decha Tea Plantation is located at the Mon Gao Development Center. The villagers here have achieved success by following in their ancestors’ footsteps. Previously, this area was used for growing tapioca and floating gardens, but it has since been transformed into highland agriculture. The tea produced here is of excellent quality, known for its fragrance and great taste. They plant tea in small terraces on the highlands.

The cool and comfortable climate throughout the year makes this project an attractive destination for tourists. Besides the high-quality tea, visitors can also enjoy breathtaking views. People who come to admire the tea plantation can learn about tea harvesting, tea tasting, and various agricultural practices. Additionally, they can experience the simple way of life of the local people.

Furthermore, this place has been transformed into a residential and restaurant facility, making it perfect for those seeking relaxation and enjoying the beautiful scenery.”


2. อาบน้ำช้าง (Mae sa district, Chiang Mai province )

( Image from YimYam TV )

Chiang Mai is not only known for its rich culture and stunning natural landscapes, but it’s also globally recognized for the significant tradition of elephant bathing. Elephants are a symbol of Chiang Mai and its various festivals. Elephant bathing is a highly popular tourist activity:

  1. Elephant Bathing: Immerse yourself in the elephant experience by starting with an elephant bathing activity. Chiang Mai has several farms that offer this experience, allowing you to get up close and personal with these gentle and playful creatures. Elephants are incredibly gentle and lovable animals, and you’ll feel like you’ve entered a new world of love and learning when you interact with them.
  2. Learning About Elephants: After the elephant bathing experience, you can gain further knowledge about elephants. Learning their stories and the experience of caring for these animals can be an educational and memorable experience.
  3. Playing with Elephants: Participate in fun activities that involve playing with elephants, such as taking them for walks or engaging in other entertaining activities like food preparation or training sessions.

Chiang Mai’s deep connection with elephants offers tourists an opportunity to not only enjoy the beauty of the region but also engage in meaningful and educational experiences with these magnificent creatures.

3. Rafting through the canal (Mae Wang District, Chiang Mai Province).”

( Images from Top Chiang Mai )

Mae Wang Rafting is a place where people from all directions gather to relax and play in the hot season in Thailand. Here, the atmosphere is lively and full of fun. The river water is cool and refreshing on hot days, and you can come and try this rafting activity.

If you are interested in experiencing Mae Wang Rafting, a popular activity, you can contact the shop to make a reservation, and don’t worry about the price because it is affordable. There are also various restaurants for you to choose from to satisfy your food cravings. Recommended dishes include papaya salad, grilled chicken, soft drinks, or cold beer to enhance the enjoyment in this perfect atmosphere.

Mae Wang Rafting is an exciting and fun activity, perfect for adventure and adventure lovers. Around the Mae Wang River, there are also various restaurants for you to choose from, allowing you to choose a place you like. Don’t miss the chance to visit Mae Wang Rafting during this time, as swimming and playing in the water will make you feel relaxed and refreshed, and it also helps to cool down in the hot Thai weather.

So, if you enjoy this activity or want a new experience with friends, don’t forget to come and try Mae Wang Rafting!”


4. Six flowers garden ( Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai Province )

The 8-acre flower garden boasts fields of vibrant celosia flowers, also known as cock’s comb flowers, in various colors. It features marigold fields, sunflowers, and towering three-meter-tall paperbark trees. Exploring this garden can be quite a challenge, with its maze-like pathways. Additionally, there are giant air-purifying bamboo plants in the vicinity.

The garden has been meticulously landscaped, with numerous picturesque spots throughout. You can capture close-up photos of both the garden and the pathways. In the background, you’ll see a beautiful hill that resembles Japan’s Mount Fuji. It’s a lush and expansive area, offering plenty of photography opportunities. This flower garden is a true gem and is poised to become a new landmark in Chiang Mai.


Chiang Mai has many fascinating natural tourist destinations, but the places mentioned above are just a glimpse of what you should explore in the province in your 2023 visit!