13 things that you should prepare before traveling abroad

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Various people plan to fly and travel abroad, such as Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, or other countries. Planning is crucial before traveling to foreign countries.

Today, Mamybooking will introduce 13 things that you should prepare before traveling abroad, which will ensure everyone’s safety and smooth travel planning.

  1. Learn about the country you are visiting: Study about the culture, traditions, and important tourist destinations of the country you are planning to visit. Plan your time to fully explore and be mindful of travel time, including domestic travel within the country.

2. Check your documents: Ensure that you have necessary documents for international travel, such as a valid passport, visa, or any other documents required by the country you are visiting.

3. Prepare necessary vaccinations and medication: Check if you need additional vaccinations or medication before traveling to a specific country, including preventive medication for diseases you may encounter.

4. Travel insurance: Familiarize yourself with travel insurance and coverage that you may need. If you require travel insurance or additional health insurance, gather more information and ensure coverage for your trip.

  1. Read about specific country requirements: Check for any special requirements that may exist in the country you are visiting, such as specific carrying regulations or prohibited items and actions that may affect your travel and what to wear.

6. Maps and travel information: Download and print maps, travel information, and tourist information for the country you are visiting. This will help you make decisions about the places you want to visit and travel routes.

7. Language and local customs: Learn the basics of the local language and customs to facilitate communication with locals. While English is commonly used, it’s helpful to have knowledge of the local language and customs.

8. Time reserves: Consider backup time in case of unexpected situations, such as visiting additional tourist sites nearby, missing trains or buses during that period, or other situations that may require extra time.

9. Safety considerations: Familiarize yourself with safety situations in the country you are visiting, such as being cautious about theft or areas to avoid.

10. Communication: Check for mobile phone coverage, internet usage, and international calling or messaging services to communicate with people you know in the home country throughout your trip.

11. Currency: Check the currency of the destination country. It is recommended to exchange some currency before traveling to a foreign country.

12. Personal items: Whether it’s skincare products or clothing, you should study the weather conditions of the destination country during that period to pack personal items suitable for that country.

13. Camera: Undoubtedly, photography holds great value for travelers. When traveling abroad, it is recommended to prepare and check your equipment, such as backup batteries, lenses, and camera cleaning tools. (If you don’t have a camera, you can use your mobile phone to take pictures as well. You can find photography angles/tips on Google, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube to capture the best possible photos during your travel.)


Preparing these aspects of your trip will help make your journey smooth and safe. Make sure to check additional details about the country you plan to visit to ensure you have accurate and up-to-date information.”