Top 6 Souvenirs from Phuket

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The Pearl of Andaman It’s Phuket. This Paradise Island is truly something for everyone, Beaches, Sunny, Nightlife, Snorkeling, Sailing Yacht, Foods, Architect, Handmade Products these are famous in Phuket. There is something you ’ll take back to home for Souvenirs, Foods, Clothes, or Products. All those are made in Phuket and made by Phuket’s people.


Batik Cloth
Although an Indonesian craft, Phuket artisans are now using this wax-resist dyeing technique and incorporating Thai artistic motifs. Cloth and items made from it are easy to find in boutiques and night markets. Look for the government-sponsored OTOP brand pieces.


White, Black, or cream pearls,  Produced on local pearl farms, can be found in Phuket’s markets. You can see how pearls are cultured and extracted at Naka Noi island, off the northeastern coast.


Traditional Dessert
The traditional Phuket dessert is characteristic of Chinese cuisine, the culinary of between Chinese and Thai ingredient. The taste is tasting sweet, Salty, or Slightly spicy. Phuket people love to eat these desserts with a cup of tea in the morning. If you need buying the Phuket dessert as a gift to back home. Pornthip Store is best choices, There are Desserts inside the awesome packaging.


Crispy Dried Shrimp Salad
Instant food from the sea its fish, shrimp, squid. The local people keep it preserved for a long time. when Monsoon season coming they take it out to cooking with herbs and local ingredients. It’s tasty and delicious to eat with meal or snack during the day. easy to find at local Phuket food store, Pornthip store or Khun Mae Joo store.


Cashew Nuts
The tropical evergreen tree that produces the cashew fruit and the cashew seed. Culinary uses for cashew seeds in snacking and cooking are similar to those for all tree seeds called nuts. The roasted seed for hours. Taste like an incredible nut, crunchy and can’t stop to eat. Look for Local food gift store or Methee cashew store.


Local Designer’s Product
Young Phuket artist sells them artwork at street-side galleries throughout Phuket. Ceramics, Textiles, Bundles, Postcards and more product design. There are many galleries shop at Talang street, Phuket old town.