Three Monkeys Restaurant Phuket stylish cafe with a new photograph spot 2020

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Three Monkeys Restaurant, Forest Cafe in the heart of Phuket that would have been known popularly because this restaurant has been quite popular from the past year until the present. If you come to Phuket, you must check-in this spot and take a photo with the various corners of the restaurant which are a lot spots as well as enjoying with the atmosphere surrounded by nature which is super relaxing.

We can head to Three Monkeys Restaurant directly. It is located at Hanuman World where it is the adventure tourist attraction. It has various Ziplines for those who love adventure activities. You must visit here just once.

When we arrived and before entering, everyone had to clean hands with prepared alcohol gel to prevent Covid-19 that has spread in this moment (The restaurant was still open as normal when we arrived there)

Before going to have a delicious meal, Mamy Booking would like to take everyone to explore a new photograph spot and the atmosphere in the restaurant that in 2020 there will be a lot of new photograph spots or not and how beautiful it will be, let’s see it!

The hottest corner in the restaurant that has seen many people shooting to upload on social media should be this corner. It is a longitudinal bar. the front is a view of Phuket town combined with lush green trees in front of the shadiest vibe.

The walkway to the toilet

Even the front of the toilet is also a beautiful place to take a photo

Continued to explore, there must be a nice hidden spot.

There were really beautiful, what are you waiting for? just take a bunch of photos.

I felt like a princess.

The ordinary walkway that looked extraordinary on photos.

After taking you guys to look at various stunning photograph spot, our next station was …eating, hahahaha

The restaurant is divided into 2 zones. The downstairs is the restaurant with the air-conditioned restaurant and the upstairs is the open-air and chill zone. This area is a cafe zone for ordering drinks and desserts, but you can order food as well. 

For our style, we would sit on the upper floor certainly! The atmosphere is shady and cool. Even without the air conditioner but the air is serene and fresh.

We came only 2 persons but we ordered foods like for 10 persons because we were starving!

The first menu was Koong Long Kha, full of shrimps deep fried with  Tom Yum seasoning that  was spicy as Thai style. This menu is the signature. It’s very tasty.

The second one was Spicy Salmon Salad (Laab Salmon) This menu was quite good. It was spicy as Thai style and came with soft salmon which melted in the mouth.

The next one was Steam Squid with Spicy Chili and Lemon Sauce. I could tell you that, this menu won’t let you down! It was sour flavor served with huge squid and was full of squid eggs!

The last one was Hanuman Prasarn Guy, fresh vegetables and fresh shrimp boiled with coconut milk served with Phuket Shrimp Paste with Shallots and Chili. It was the authentic taste of southern food. Another signature menu of the restaurant that always is the most popular. if you are going to Phuket, you must visit this restaurant!

The drink menu did not disappoint as well. Lychee Soda and Lemon Mint were delicious, cool and refreshing.

Where we were full as much as unable to eat any dessert. Hahaha. Such a pity. If we have the opportunity, we would be back to eat desserts for sure. After we billed, the restaurant provided discount vouchers of various activities at Hanuman World or we could use as a marine day trip as well.

We continued walking to Hanuman World to check-in for participating Sky Walk and we got some atmosphere photos for you. You will see how shady and abundant it is along the Sky Walk.

Let’s go!!

It was getting higher gradually, my breath would be taken away!

Actually, we can walk deeper than this but we didn’t think that we would be at Sky Walk so that we didn’t prepare our outfit properly.

If there is a chance to come here again, I will join all adventure activities of Hanuman World.

There you go! it is the restaurant and cafe that is recommended by Mamy Booking. If you are going to Phuket, it won’t let you down whether it is the tasty, atmosphere, photographing spots of Three Monkeys Restaurant. You would be impressive absolutely.


Three Monkeys Restaurant Phuket

Address : 105, Moo 4, Mueang Chao Fah Rd, Wichit, Mueang, Phuket 83000

Contanct number : 098 010 8838

Opening hours : 10:00 – 23:00

Facebook : Three Monkeys Restaurant


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