Take A Tour of Central Phuket Floresta, A Brand-New Department Store at The Heart of Phuket

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On September 10, 2018, CPN has opened a new spacious department store located at the center of Phuket. This grand opening is absolutely worth the wait. Central Phuket Floresta, the new department store, operates under the concept of “The Magnitude of Luxury & Leisure Resort Shopping Destination.” It’s intended to be the shopping and luxurious lifestyle center, with the subsequent project of hotel and conference hall in the future.

Central Phuket Floresta consists of three main attributes. The first, named “Tales of Thailand,” features Thai identity and ways of life from all the four regions. The second, called Tribhum, is an amazing 3D theme park and aquarium featuring 25,000 sea creatures. And of course, Mamy never fails to bring you photos of the place–including a bunch of numerous shops–exclusively for you guys.

Mamy is more than sure that the locals will be extremely happy as the new mall offers a selection of well-known brands. So, let’s check them out!

The exterior design of the mall is luxurious, which is consistent to its theme.

The zones of Floresta and Festival are connected, the marvelously photogenic and convenient passageway makes it convenient for customers to walk to the other zones.

The interior design is such a grandeur. It is a great combination of modern and Thai traditional interior styles.

One of the distinctive attractions is the sculpture of The Great Epic–a sculpture of a character from Ramayana–whose height is equivalent to a two storey building.

Tribhum, a 3D theme park, will be opened soon. Certainly, it’ll still be worth the wait.

The next zone is very interesting, it’s considered the main feature of the mall. It’s named “Tales of Thailand” and designed to resemble floating markets. It consists of boat vendors and shops decorated with parts of ko-Lae boats, Thai southern traditional fishing boats.  The zone is attractive for Thai and foreign visitors alike. Mamy especially likes the zone for its perfect representation of Thai tradition–even the staff uniform is so detailed and perfectly representing the culture in the south of Thailand.

Apart from the previous zone, there’s also a cafeteria decorated in Sino-Portuguese style, uniquely representing Phuket. It offers a variety of food for customers as well as abundant seating. Aquaria, a gigantic aquarium on the first floor, will be opened soon. It will feature a wide range of underwater species–specifically with 25,000 sea creatures. It occupies nearly the whole floor. Wow, just thinking about it excites me already! Finally, we’ll have an aquarium located at the heart of the town!

And we are at the last–but not least important–sector, Mamy is going to show you guys. It’s the eatery zone. There are numerous restaurants–although some are still not opened yet. Anyway, it won’t be too long for a wait. Finally, Mamy has brought you a collection of restaurants available in this brand new landmark in the heart of Phuket. They are all satisfactory for locals and potential visitors of the province. Mamy repeats, don’t miss the chance to visit there!

Those interested can follow their facebook page link here for any updates.


As for now, Mamy will excuse herself to go take a look around the shops more. See you guys later, bye!