“Suay” Michelin-Rated Thai Fusion Restaurant on Phuket Island

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Hey, guys! Today, Mamy’s going to introduce you guys a stunning restaurant on Phuket island and some of its tasty menus. The restaurant is called “Suay,” a simple yet cute name in Thai.

Suay is a fine dining restaurant, also known as a place offering high-quality food as well as great atmosphere. Its first branch is located in Phuket Town. But today, Mamy will go to the second branch, located in Cheng Talay, Thalang, Phuket. Chef Thammasak Choothong, or Chef Noi, is the owner of the place. Chef Noi is a Michelin star chef as well as one of the representative chefs on Iron Chef Thailand. As he specializes in European cuisine, he cooks superb fusion dishes.

Now, let’s take a look around the place.Suay at Cheng Talay offers a cozy atmosphere. The seating is quite abundant, including the outdoor area with natural surroundings.The outdoor area is decorated with wood tables and chairs, with comfortable seat cushions.The atmosphere is nice and suitable for family and friend gathering.The inside area is air-conditioned, which looks very cozy and warm. The interior is decorated in Modern Loft style, with colonial ceramic tile flooring which reflects the identity of Phuket well. The gigantic glass wall allows customers to get a good look at the outside view.

Mamy’s so impressed with the atmosphere, but now it’s time for food! Suay offers you a variety of fusion dishes, a great combination of Thai and international food. The food here looks really good–which goes very well with the name of the restaurant.Let’s try out the first dish, which is crab cake. The crab cake here is richly made of actual crab meat, sprinkled with breadcrumbs–which make it tender inside while crunchy outside. It is served with Suay’s original fusion sauce.The next dish is Crab Linguine, cooked with pasta and rich crab meat. It’s also served with spiced roast duck–crispy outside yet juicy inside. The flavor is rich with a great combination of Thai spices and sweetness from pineapples.This dish is baked cheese seafood–the meat is so rich, it’s like they serve the whole sea in a plate! This menu includes a huge amount of seafood like shrimps and octopuses, served with fresh sea grapes.Next, salmon tacos are also tasty; tacos are crispy while sliced pieces of salmon are huge.Last, the dessert is this delightfully creamy coconut tiramisu. There’re a lot more of great dishes for you guys to come take a taste!When it comes to a place offering great food–guaranteed with the skills of the Iron Chef representative–as well as great atmosphere, Suay is surely at top of the list!

Don’t miss your chance to try this one out!


More Information

Suay Restaurant, Phuket town branch

Address: 50/2 Takua Pa Rd. T.Talat Nuea A.Muang Thalang, Phuket 83000

Tel: 087-88-6990

Open times : 05.00 p.m.- 11.00 p.m.

Suay Restaurant, Cherng Talay branch

Address: 4, 177/99 Moo 6 T.Sri Sunthron A.Thalang, Phuket 83110

Tel : 093 339 1890

Open times: 04.00 p.m. – 11.00 p.m.