Your guide to compare between Similan and Surin island in Thailand 2021

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Similan Island or Surin Island, two islands in the southern paradise island of Thailand, known as a paradise island of a sea mist at the sea, beautiful sandy beaches, clear sky, many fish species. Also convenient to travel next to Phuket, if you can not decide where to go, you must read it until you know what kind of island you like. (Better to go both) Some people have come over and over again. Let’s take a look at the outstanding Koh Surin and Similan Islands together.

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In a new format, Similan and Surin islands are open from October 15, 2020 – June 15, 2021, to visit the beautiful paradise, nowadays The quality of the coral at both is good these days as it has recovered from closed islands for a long time.

Surin Island

Surin Islands are in the area where the departure from Thaplamu Pier is approximately 110 minutes, Excellent diving, snorkeling, hiking and game fishing are why most travelers come to the Surin Islands. Those hoping to find a quiet refuge from tourist traps and urban centers will be delighted with the islands’ relatively untouched settings. Because COVID-19 has shut down the island for a long time, making it natural and completely back in 10 years ever. For Surin Island, what Koh Surin is more outstanding is a breakwater, a view of Ao Khat with clear green water that you can see the sandy bottom. The sea at Surin Island is not very deep, great for snorkeling.

Another landmark of Koh Surin that has come and must go is Morgan Village which is the highlight of this trip. Morgan Village is a tribe that has been with Surin Island for a long time. And we can still get closer to them and learn the Morgan lifestyle.


Similan Island

Let’s continue at the Similan Islands. Similan is one of the best-known island groups in the Andaman Sea. For the day trip, starting from Thap Lamu Pier, Phang Nga Province, it takes approximately 90 minutes to reach Similan. The highlight of Similan Island is the beautiful water. Dark blue Clearwater at a depth of 5-8 meters, this can still be seen. Clearer than some swimming pools.

Leaf stone is one of the landmarks. That must come to take pictures with It is, therefore, another point of contrast between Koh Surin and Similan Islands. That is, Similan has more spots for taking photos.

The sea sand of the Similan Must be raised to be number 1 compare with Surin Beach because the sand here is white and clear and very Bluewater with a lot of fish. There are also marine animals, some of the most spectacular coral growths in the world can be found here. Those are favored by Thai and foreign tourists Continued to appear periodically in the dive zone at Similan. Of course, the corals here are as complete as Surin Island as well.


In summary, Similan, clear water, a beautiful beach, good for taking pictures. Surin, the underwater world is more beautiful than the water is clear, beautiful as well. If you have to choose where to go, you can choose according to your own needs. But if you let Mamy recommend we recommend finding time to go to both islands by using our website


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