The Shelter Coffee : take a taste of drinks from award-winning baristas

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The Shelter Coffee, a small coffee shop on the side of Dee Buk Rd., is unique for its distinctive coffee brewing method called an Aeropress. Also, customers will get to take a taste of drinks from award-winning baristas.

The shop is divided into two zones, including indoor and outdoor areas. The outdoor area is in the garden. The building resembles those antique buildings commonly seen in Phuket—featuring a narrow facade with more space inside.The interior design is in warm colors. The seating is sufficiently provided, both at the bar and separate tables.Yet, what is so unique about The Shelter Coffee is how they brew with an AeroPress, a process in which air pressure is used during the mixing. This method requires a lot of meticulousness, so the baristas need to have great skills.Black Hole is coffee mixed with just a slight amount of cocoa as well as some milk and is beautifully rendered into layers.For those who do not fancy the taste of drip coffee, they also serve other types of coffee such as Espresso, Americano, Latte, Cappuccino and many more. Also, following the barista’s recommendations can be super fun.

The cozy atmosphere makes it feel like enjoying a cup of coffee in the backyard at home.

For those of you in search of some cool, unique, and photogenic places with tasty drinks, Mamy hopes that you find this collection to your liking. For next time, don’t forget to check out the place Mamy will take you guys to visit. Till next time. Bye!


The Shelter Coffee

Address: 97 Dibuk Rd. A.Muang, Phuket 83000 (opposite of Xinlor House)

Open times: 08.30 A.M –  06.00 P.M. (Closed on Wednesday)

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