Review : Staying at Luxury Tents @ Victory Cliff Resort on Nyaung Oo Phee Island

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Hey, guys. It’s Mamy again.

Today, Mamy will take you to the sea. Mamy will take you to Nyaung Oo Phee Island, a brand-new heaven on earth in the Burmese Andaman Sea near Ranong Province, Thailand. It’s not hard at all to get there as there are nonstop flights from Don Mueang International Airport to the province available every day–flights are offered by Nok Air and AirAsia.

This time, Mamy chooses to stay at Victoria Cliff Resort on Nyaung Oo Phee Island, where the resort is the only place allowed to operate. There are three types of all accommodation–specifically, there are twenty rooms in total, each has a private bathroom available–which are called luxury tents, superior and deluxe rooms, and beach villa. The resort operates under the idea of “One Island, One Resort,” which gives its customers the experience of exclusive and intimate getaways with their loved ones on this private island.


Let’s start with the first type of accommodation, which is called luxury tents.

Just looking at the pictures make you feel like you’re hanging out in the woods already, right? This type of accommodation offers rooms with different views, specifically located right next to the sea and a bit farther. Yet, the distant is less than 30 meters which means that guests who stay in any rooms around here can hear the sound of sea waves. Impressive, right? Inside the room is a super-duper huge tent, surrounded by trees. The room capacity is for 4 persons. In front of the room, a small water jar is placed for guests to wash their feet before enteringThe balcony in front of the room can be used as a recreational area; guests who come in a group can hang out around here or sit back and relax on provided rattan chairs. Just one thing to keep in mind; be considerate of neighbors.The balcony is spacious enough for guests staying in the room to make some observation while being able to maintain some privacy–just by drawing the curtain.The tent itself is pretty huge, with a double bed decorated with a bed net attached to it. Towels for use are provided. Also, there’s no need to worry about the electricity while staying there since everything works perfectly.The room amenities are well-prepared, including dressing tables, electric mosquito killer rackets, and hair dryers. Even more, there are safes for those who bring their valuables with them. But, the rooms of this type are not equipped with air conditioners. If it’s getting too hot, misting fans are also available for guests to use.The loft-style, wood-tone bathrooms are divided into wet and dry areas. In short, there’s pretty much everything you need for a nice getaway.


So, how are luxury tents? Mamy thinks it’s the right choice for adventure lovers or families. Relaxing in the resort which offers the magnificent views of nature while being able to hear the sound of the waves, you’re guaranteed to have a blast as well as lots of great pictures to show what a great vacation you’ve had on your social media!


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