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Hi everyone! Today, I’m going to take you to experience new kind of tourism. we could guarantee that you will be super joyful with this latest yacht tours and trips in Phuket. We will be taking you to Maiton Island, Banana Beach – Coral Island and watch the romantic sunset from Lobster Yacht Phuket.  This tour can be booked via Mamy Booking which is very easy, fast, convenient and safe. ^^

Let get started the trip by checking in at Kan Eang @pier located around Chalong Bay Pier in Phuket. For those who have stayed at Pa Thong, Ka Ta, Ka Ron, and urban areas, this tour company also has a shuttle car for free to you guys! When we arrived already, then just went straight inside to check-in by signing my name. After that, staff will attach a wrist strip and give me a fabric bag for storing my shoes before boarding. During my waiting time, there was a refreshing cold punch drink service for free! we can tell you that the atmosphere in this shop was super chill and located by the sea, it was very relaxed.

We took pictures for a while then 12.45 p.m. which was the time to board! Staff will lead me to the pier and travel by a pink minibus and walk a bit.

You will see the yacht parking spot. It is huge, luxurious and it is a double-decker catamaran. The capacity is 145 passengers and 25 crew members. The boat’s interior is elegantly decorated in a red and white theme, with soft sofas, cushions, and tables for every sitting area. In front of the yacht, you can sunbathe, sit, chill, take photos as your needs.

My seat was on the second floor. The special was that you can see the view almost nothing to obscure your vision and there is a corridor for posting to take pictures. This was chill and comfortable. we can lay down and see stunning views and indulge with the cool wind almost to sleep 😆 lol~~~

After the boat departed for a while, there was a tingled and refreshing welcome drink served to you to beat the heat off and also had soft drinks that you can drink unlimited throughout the trip followed by a mini canape gradually served to my table about 9 pieces.  At first, we thought that we would not be full, turned out, we can’t finish all of them hahaha.

Actually, those who are not full, you are able to eat more at the counter or order more food from this menu.

Finally, we arrived at the first point, that was Maiton Island, a private island located to the east of Phuket that was still very fertile and if we are lucky, we might meet dolphins around the island as well! The yacht took us to visit, dive and swim in front of Maiton Island for about 1 hour. Lobster also has cute fancy swim rings, paddleboards and a slider from the yacht.

After splashing the water as fulfill, it’s time to head up the yacht to Banana Beach Hey Island. The yacht began to cruise for a moment. The staff then continued to serve the fruit for increasing my freshness after splashing the water. (When you get on this sailboat, you don’t have the right to be hungry anymore) Fresh seasonal fruit on a big plate makes me feel fresh.

About 1 hour, we arrived at Banana Beach – Coral Island which is also an abundant island of Phuket. There are coral reefs, shallow water, and many hornbills live here. You can see hornbills everywhere on Banana Beach.

When we walked up to the island, there would be a place to rest in a private area of Lobster. As soon as we arrived, the staff was grilling BBQ for fresh food.

While we were waiting for food from Lobster, there are more activities to do that is, go up to play panorama Swing to see the panoramic view while taking beautiful pictures to show your friends. It feels like I’m in Bali instead.

In addition, on the beach, there are also many cool photo corners for us such as a bird’s nest. We spend time relaxing, having dinner, playing in the water, walking and taking photos on this island for almost 2 hours.

Eventually, it’s time to sail back, the next activity was the highlight of this trip which was to watch the sunset romantically on this luxurious yacht.

After everyone was seated already, staff would serve the cocktail to everyone, took a sip of cocktail and watched the sunset gradually disappeared from the horizon.  we were jealous of those who come together with their lovers.

After that, the staff invited us everyone was invited to continue dancing in the ground floor hall. The ceiling was decorated with colored LED lights to match the rhythm of the music. LET DANCE!

We arrived at Chalong Pier at about 7 p.m. safely. Our trip ended up with the impression. It was really true relaxation for us. All staff provided us the best services. There was no time to be bored and also charged our energy to be ready for working as well as getting a good memorable time too. If we have an opportunity, we will see Lobster again for sure.  For anyone who is going to Phuket and want to sail by the luxurious yacht like us, you can see more details at the website of  Mamy Booking by this link >>>


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