Orca’s Travel Ep.1 : Visiting The Queen of Andaman, Rok-Haa Islands.

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Hey, everybody! Here come the holidays! Many of you probably already have plans, right? But, for those who are still searching for the right ones, Orca would like to bring you guys to these islands. This time, Orca will take you guys to Koh Rok and Koh Haa Which we will depart from Chalong Pier, Phuket. This program is available every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.


Let’s start with Koh Rok first. To give you some context, Koh Rok, also known as The Queen of Andaman, is located between the rivers of Krabi province and Trang province. However, the island is officially considered a part of Mu Koh Lanta National Park, Krabi province, including Koh Rok and Koh Nai. Since Orca is accompanied by Discover Catamaran this time, this trip is even more special. Tell you what, it’s indeed awesome!


Also, Discover Catamaran has just opened its new routes to Koh Rok and Koh Haa on this past October 15. So it’s exactly the first date of holiday season–starting from October 15, 2018, to May 15, 2019. Well, we’re going to yacht like a boss! The day Orca goes to the trip is, of course, very special, for it’s the very first date of the holiday season.Just thinking about how we’re going to be the first group there excites me already! Those who are going to stay at the hotel need not worry because the team of Mamy Booking will give customers a call about the details of the trip one day prior to the day of the adventure. Vehicles by Discover Catamaran will pick up guests at the hotels at 7 a.m each and every day.07.15 a.m. Orca had arrived at the Discover Catamaran at the spacious and cozy office at about. The staff was readily waiting inside. Orca has registered, and it’s all done.

I need to mention that the staff members here are super friendly and all come with great service mind.At the assembly point, there’s an abundant seating area. How comfortable! There’s also a map indicating the locations of the islands. After Orca’s got there, the staff tells me to make myself at home and grab something to eat.Discover Catamaran comes with the policy to provide complimentary breakfast, including bread, desserts, sandwiches, banana cupcakes, tea, coffee, and juice, for guests. At around 8:30 a.m., a tour guide named Benz gave us information about the program tour two times. Since there were not only Thai and Chinese tourists joining the same program tour, the tour guide also gave out brief information of the trip in fluent Chinese—let me tell you this, all of the staff here is super fluent in Chinese.08.45 a.m. We walked to Chalong Pier, which was just some few walks away from the assembly point.For those who stay in the town and want to drive to the pier, abundant parking is available around the area as well. Tell you what, it was raining cats and dogs the night before my trip. All I could do then was wish that it would not rain on the expected day. And, now, take a look at this sunny, wonderful weather!When we arrived at the port, a shuttle bus was waiting so there’s no need to walk there ourselves. It’s just a few minutes drive away. And here came our star, the gigantic Azure Catamaran.  Before boarding, the staff would ask guests to take off their shoes so that, once landed, guests could fully enjoy the white, soft sand.09.00 a.m. The ship set off precisely at the time, very punctual indeed! Orca hurried to the bow to sit back and fully appreciated the views.Once seated, guests were all offered welcome drinks–which are refreshing soft drinks to keep them cool. How impressive the service was!   Despite its huge size, the ship sailed speedily yet smoothly.This was our Captain. Super cool. Another guide accompanying us on that day was Look Yee, who made sure every one of us got their diving equipment and gave us further information about the islands. She would also take Orca to dive.  The ship’s stern was super spacious. As we’re the first group to cruise and sailed the new route with Discover Catamaran, it was not crowded here. Two bathrooms were there on this ship, and they’re in a perfect size.Our first stop was Koh Haa, which took us about two hours from Chalong Pier. But worry not, because while we’re on board, the guides would entertain us with information of various islands.His name’s Ball, and, as you can probably tell, he’s good at keeping tourists involved with his sociability.Those who didn’t want to just sit still and listen could take some cool photos while on board. After an hour or so had passed, we could see Koh Haa from afar.However, don’t mistake Koh Haa here for Koh Haa, Similan Islands. This island is named Koh Haa for the fact that there were five islands emerging in the middle of the sea. There is also an island where the white sand beach appears after the temporal downscaling.

As the ship was approaching the island, the ocean colour looked different; it was deep blue from afar but seemed lighter when seen closer. How exciting! The ship finally approached the land. The scenery there was super stunning. The water was crystal clear and looked a bit blue. Wow! I never knew there was such a beautiful island like this in our country. Everything looked exactly like a piece of art.

We had one hour to dive in our first spot and I was not wasting any minute of that! The coral reefs there were still in a good condition as there’s the six full-month restorations. The water was clear. Weak swimmers needed not to worry as there were staff members taking care of everyone. There were also water scooters for guests to use at their convenience.

Time did fly! Now it’s noon and I was indeed very hungry. But there’s no need to worry as there were chicken burgers and beverages with refills provided by Discover Catamaran. Now, we’re heading to Koh Rok, which took about one hour this time.

Well, did you see that? It’s a dolphin! 13.15 a.m.Now we’re at Koh Rok. The water was so clear. We had almost two hours to dive in this spot; we could go snorkeling as the corals are abundant here. Those who wanted to kayak could tell the staff for the arrangement. Or, those who did not want to go diving could go on shore and just relaxed around the beach as they liked. The staff could also take them to the beach. The sand was super white and smooth! For those who want to go diving, the staff can take them to another side of the island, which is another dive site. It takes only one minute to get to Ao Pak Rong dive site. The water is deep and so clear which makes the coral reefs visible. There are lots of clownfish here. As we dive in, there are sea anemones, where clownfish are commonly spotted.There are also a school of barracuda swimming around. When go diving, don’t forget to follow the rules the guide tells you. Don’t step on the coral reefs. By doing so, you’re also protecting yourself from poisonous coral reefs and urchins. Hey, clownfish, Orca is here to say hi.  The corals here are in perfect condition, which is super impressive!

Fully enjoying the underwater beauty, Orca suddenly heard the guide calling me back to the boat. Oh no! I didn’t want to leave yet. But, judging from how I was feeling, I’d better get back since I was so hungry.

3.30 p.m. As I was all cleaned up, I smelled the fragrant aroma of the food. I was surprised to find a wide selection of seafood. Wow! How rewarding! As I walked into the buffet area, there was a variety of dishes provided. Their Chicken Massaman Curry was so flavourful with the right taste for everyone. Grilled seafood was made ready to eat, like grilled prawns, and these were unlimited. The stunning sea views combined with delicious food made this meal exceptional. Moreover, there were individual dishes filled with slices of fresh fruits ready for everyone.The extensive list of fruits included watermelons, dragonfruits, pineapples, and cantaloupes. So sweet! But that’s not all. There’s also Wall’s Ice Cream for desserts provided by Discover Catamaran. After the big meal, our eyes will definitely start to get heavier. And, yes, having too much of food in your stomach is going to get us all sleepy and a lot sleepier with the breeze passing through our face. And there’s no exception for this time. Next, we went back to Phuket. Along the way, you could catch a glimpse of little islands in distance belonging to Phuket, our destination. Orca didn’t miss to take lots of pictures of the sky turning blue in the evening. Such a nice view and atmosphere it truly was! 6.00 p.m. We arrived at Phuket. It’s been a really memorable trip. Before we went back, Orca took pictures with all the tour guides who made our trips more convenient and kept us entertained with their conversation throughout these fun hours.I could say, they took great care of us from the beginning to the ending of this excellent trip. It’s time to go back. You’d done a great job, Azure! See you again next time!


Trip Summary By Discovery Catamaran

– This is a perfect destination for those who enjoy diving and cruising around because the corals along Koh Rok are still in its best form and any visitors can stroll around the island.

– The ship is equipped with full necessary facilities and devices.

– The ship sails very smoothly, making sure you have a restful trip.

– Those who enjoy eating don’t have to worry because the food is unlimited, covering main dishes, side dishes, desserts, and drinks.

– The return trip is quite long so bring your own phone charger or power bank to kill times


Tips for the trip: For those who want to relax, let’s pack your bags with beach suits and clothes, action cameras or devices for those who love taking photos, and props for beauty queens.

For those who consider traveling to the south for beaches and seas but still don’t know when they should go or when to avoid storms and monsoons, don’t worry as Orca just finds it all out for you. Let’s see the table down below.See it? You can go around the island on a one-day trip and have enough time for diving and chasing corals. All Thai beaches and underwater heavens are second-to-none! Wait no more. Prepare yourself and your time and get ready for the trip!


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