The Best-The One & Only “Chakungrao” Tomyum Pork Noodles in Phuket!

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Mamy believes many of you guys have heard of the word “Chakungrao” as in Chao Kuay Chakungrao, right? Yet, the menu Mamy is going to recommend to you guys is not Chao Kuay; Mamy will present Chakungrao Tom Yum noodles, the original recipes from Kamphaeng Phet to Phuket.The place is located on Patipat Road, past Chuk Tua intersection on the left hand side. It’s at the opposite of Yao Yentafo  Restaurant. Parking may not be the most convenient as customers have to park along the street—there are also parking restrictions to consider. Mamy has noticed that there is a sign prohibiting parking during rush hour—specifically on Monday to Friday at 4 to 7 pm—to avoid traffic jams. Mamy’s got to say, even before entering the restaurant, Mamy can smell the delicious soup as the boiling pots are placed at the front. The smell really arouses my appetite!


The soup of this restaurant is flavourful with the quality pork backbone soup stewed with radish for hours. The menu is enhanced with the arrangement of scalded vegetables in the bowl, resembling traditional Thai noodles. The restaurant is comfy and roomy, with abundant seating. Mamy specifically likes the simplistic interior design, with galvanized iron wall and sets of wood tables, giving out a sense of warmth. Also, the menus are written in chalk on a blackboard. How cute!Once customers are seated, the staff will bring the menu for them to choose. They’ll be get the table number.

After the meal, customers have to bring their order-with their table number written on it-to cashier to pay

Let’s take a look at the menu. Mamy’s ordered a bowl of Tom Yum Chinese pork vermicelli. When the staff brings the bowl to me, it makes Mamy go wow! It’s served with this huge pork bone; the portion is perfectly enough for one.

It may be too ordinary to serve just Tom Yum noodles, right? What about Mamy’s next recommendation, Shin Ramyeon—it’s Korean Kimchi noodle with satisfyingly huge pork bones served in a medium brass pot. Once opened, it lets out the nice aroma of the ingredients.

Their menus are really something. The Chinese Vermicelli has soft and elastic texture. It’s super satisfying to eat especially in cool weather after raining. The meal costs only 185 THB.

Those who don’t want to miss delicious menus should really try this restaurant out!


More information: Chakungrao Tomyum Noodle

Open daily 11 A.M. – 10 P.M.

Closed on Friday and 29th every month

Address: 38/1 Patiphat Rd. T.Talat Nuea A.Muang, Phuket 83000