“Kin Rue Yang?” Have you eaten this? Shabu+ Korean Food Buffet

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Mamy’s accidentally found out about this shabu place while going out for lunch. The price is really appealing. So, let’s take a look.

Finally, Mamy has found this excellent place—although it’s located a bit far out of town. The place is located near the entrance of Tharn Thong Villa. The name Kin Rue Yang (a lovely Thai form of “Have you eaten this?”) is really unique. Well, since we have not eaten it yet, we may as well give it a try! Well, the place is quite intriguing. Entering the place, customers will see abundant seating— indoor and outdoor. Some of you may wonder what is so good about the place.

Well, tell you what, the wonder lies in the excellent range of food, including Shabu and Korean buffet.This is the menu. The choice of food is extensive. But what’s so impressive is the Korean food! Not to waste any more time, Mamy has ordered several kinds of pork, sliced pork loin and sliced pork shoulder.These slices are thin and come in the right portion. In no time, everything Mamy ordered has arrived.

Also, there are four options for the soup, which are clear soup, Tom Yum soup, black bean soup, and, last but not least, mala soup. Mamy has ordered clear soup and mala soup. The thinly sliced pork needs only some few minutes of blanching before it’s ready for eating—cooking it too long would harden the meat. Their mala soup is super tasty—genuinely spicy and flavourful.

They have two types of sauces: original sukiyaki sauce and seafood sauce. A mouthful of sliced pork with the sauces is so satisfying!

Well, let’s check their Korean food out. The combination of food they offer helps customers save some time, for there’s no need to switch places anymore.

As Kin Rue Yang used to be a Korean restaurant, not to mention the fact that the owner is Korean, the place offers authentic Korean dishes. The first dish is Spicy Stir-Fried Pork (Gochujang). This dish is super tasty while the sauce is richly flavoured. The flavour is nicely sweet yet salty. The menu is so appealing that Mamy has to order more. Next, Korean Fried Chicken Wings are nicely crispy. Jajangmyeon is a Korean noodle dish topped with a thick black sauce, which they incorporate several ingredients to create the dish.

The yellow noodles are perfectly cooked with their original sauce. Another superb menu is Kimchi Fried Rice with a fried egg on top—the rice is stir-fried with flavourful Kimchi, topped with a juicy sunny egg.

After a while, the staff brings Vietnamese wonton wrappers and shows Mamy how to eat them.

How nice! This is another thing which makes the place unique. To eat them properly, just soak wanton wrappers in water, put some pork and sauce on top of the wrappers, and roll them. Then they are ready for you to eat.This is not it! They also serve ice cream for us to enjoy, The ice cream is called ifresh from ete. Wow, this is good. Mamy has ordered Chocolate Chip and Lemon ice cream.And here it is! The ice cream is topped with whipped cream, jelly, chocolate sauce, and strawberry sauce. How caring!

As for the pricing, there are two options: the starting price is 249 THB per person and 289 THB for the addition of beef. The Korean buffet is included in both options—but the drinks are not. Anyway, this is still worth it. Also, they have playlists of Korean songs that those Kpop fans will certainly love.


More information: Kin Rue Yang Shabu Buffet

Address: 65/38-39 Vichit Rd., (Front of TharnThong Villa) T.Vichit A.Muang, Phuket 83000

Tel : 076 375 630

Facebook : กินรึยัง ชาบูบุฟเฟ่ต์


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