Heaven Is Where Pancakes Are! Pancake Corner: The First Pancake Restaurant Ever in Phuket!

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For those who want to try out some charming, photogenic cafe offering excellent treats in excellent atmosphere located in the heart of Phuket, Mamy is very proud to present this place called Pancake Corner. The place offers varieties of pancakes. And it is the first place in the province to offer pancakes as their main dishes, along with a great mixture of other tasty dishes, including breakfast, hot pans, salad as well as spaghetti waiting for customers to take a taste.

The place is located, as its name suggests, right at the corner of Ratsada Rd. and is easily noticeable. There is both indoor and outdoor seating available. The interior design features warm colors, giving out a sense of coziness and relaxation.The staff is available at the front counter. Since the very first step into the place, customers can scent nice fragrance of mouth-watering pancakes and great flavored coffee. Yet, for those who do not fancy pancakes, the place also offers varieties of drinks, including tea, coffee and fruit flavored drinks as well as smoothies

Yet, since we’re here, how can we resist the savory and tempting scent of pancakes? Mamy can never do that! Let’s try some.Well, let’s not forget about the basic like some hot, thick pancake with ice-cream–the two go really well with each other. There’s also extra sauce to enhance the overall flavor.Another tasty treat is a chocolate honey toast–crispy on the outside yet tender in the inside–served with vanilla ice cream and chopped fresh strawberries, which bring the balance to all the flavors.Like Mamy has said since the beginning, Pancake Corner has more to offer than pancakes, there’s also Bingsu to beat the heat. Those who are interested can follow their Facebook page–which is always active–and get posted on any updates of their menus.

There are two branches of Pancake Corner in Phuket. The first branch is located at the corner of Ratsada Rd. Customers can park their cars on the side of the road–yet, there are certain rules for parking, be sure to follow them accordingly. The second branch is in Limelight Avenue Phuket, G floor, and, of course, right at the corner! They really do keep consistency for their brand, don’t they?

For those who want to try out some sweet treats or enjoy some nice atmosphere, Mamy thinks you should definitely check Pancake Corner out!

More information : Pancake Corner

1st branch : 51/2 Phuket Rd. (turn right to Ratsada Rd.) T.Talat Yai A.Muang, Phuket 83000

tel : 082 419 5445

open times : 10.00 น. – 22.00 น. close every Monday

2nd branch:  LimeLight Avenue 

เวลาเปิด-ปิด: 10.00 น. – 22.00 น. Open Daily

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PancakeCornerandTheCoffeeClub