Fly Comfortably with A330-300 Thai Lion Air – Premium Economy Class

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Hey, guys. Traveling to faraway provinces these days can be very easy and fast, without wasting too much of our time, because the prices of flights are extremely affordable. So today, Mamy will take you guys to fly Thai Lion Air, an airline originally from Indonesia.

As many of us have already known, Thai Lion Air is one of the top low-cost airlines in Thailand at this moment. Recently in 2017, the airline has just taken delivery of its Airbus A330-300 into the group of its carriers. The aircraft is equipped with in-flight amenities. This time, Mamy has a chance to fly with Premium Economy Class, available exclusively on A330-300.

Mamy’s flight is SL768 from Don Mueang Airport to Phuket Airport, 12.25. For the check-in process, Premium Economy Class passengers can check in at the counter 12A. After checking in, passengers will receive their boarding pass, which looks like this. It looks identical to that of passengers of other class. The difference is that at the head of the document is printed the type Business Class!! After getting through various processes, passengers walk to the gate No. 51 for departing. Looking out from the building, passengers will see the plane waiting for them to be on board.
The plane is quite huge. Premium Economy passengers will get the privilege to get on board before passengers of a different class. Now, let’s take a look inside the plane.
Inside the plane, the seating area for Premium Economy Class passengers is at the front. As for Premium Economy Class, seats are set in 18 pairs, and 60 seats are set in a 2-2-2 configuration.  They are authentic leather seats. Seat pitch is 31 inches wide, with well-prepared amenities like private lamps and 5.6-inch IFE touch screens. The screen displays the logo of the airline with the pattern of Indonesian batik fabric on the background–identical to the pattern of cabin crews’ uniform. There are also programs of In-Flight Entertainment sorted nicely and conveniently for passengers to choose. USB plug is provided in each seat. Let’s take a look at the adjustment panel, allowing passengers to adjust their seats. Interestingly, the seats are equipped with massaging function, giving passengers relaxation during the flight. The seats can be reclined–although not to a fully reclined position. Overall, the seats are comfortable for sitting and reclining, with remote controllers for many functions. Oh! One more thing, there are also free headphones offered on the plane. As for the food, there are snacks and drinking water offered during the flight. Premium Economy passengers will be served reheated food, drinks, and snacks. The luggage allowance is 20 kg per person for domestic flights and 30 kg for international flights.

Those who are interested in flying Lion Air can check their desired flights or routes and make a booking at the website of the airline. A330-300 is in use for two domestic flights, which are Chiang Mai and Bangkok.

That’s it for now, see you guys next time!