Fabulous Life! EP.2 : Fab Life in Phuket with Bali-style photo shoot on a secret beach!

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Phuket is a very popular tourist destination in Southern region of Thailand, especially for people who are sea lovers. There are plenty of beaches and tourist attractions in Phuket. Today, we are going to introduce you a secret place of Phuket called “Nui Beach”. This beach is between Karon beach and Naiharn beach. It is the small beach but full of charm. If you visit Nui beach for the first time, you will definitely feel the smell and spirit of Bali. Tropical feels!

Traveling to the beach, of course, we could not possibly go home without taking wonderful photos. I would like to say that a beautiful set of photos is a must when you spend your fabulous life on the Nui beach.  #phuketorbali

We have already prepared some magnificent photo spots on Nui beach for you and I guarantee that someone may think it’s Bali for sure. Can’t wait to see? Let’s go take a look now!

1st spot : In the nest

To be honest, these are only the first spot guys. I can say that this nest is the signature one of Nui beach since every visitor comes to this. It looks so tropical, isn’t it? Look through the nest, and see the sea view, island, together with coconut trees. How wonderful!

For those who travel as couple, if you want to transmit your sweet memories through photos, here are some examples of both camera angles and postures. I guarantee others must be jealous since it looks like you are spending your splendid moment with sweetheart. Imagine, what a fabulous life.


2nd spot : Nest bowl

Moreover, Nui beach also has another kind of the nest which is the one that comes in bowl shape. Everyone is able to sit or stand in it in order to take cool photos. Look, sitting in he nest bowl gives sense of being a little bird, isn’t it?


3rd spot : Swing

I never found any swing with beautiful view behind like this one before. Can you see the sea, island, and that blue sky? Plus white ground which makes the pictures look bright. Guys, to be honest, this is just in Phuket.

Personally, it feels like in paradise. Girls, if you wear white dress here, you will definitely feel like an angel, I promise!

This is the same swing with the above one, which you can see that there is two seats. It is perfect for a couple, if you sit with your lover on each side and shoot straightly from the back, you will see that beautiful sky and gorgeous sea. It’s so nice, isn’t it? To be honest, I can say that the actual place is more beautiful! You have to go.

“Nui Beach” on the top of the swing literally makes this spot becomes another check-in spot of this place.


4th spot : Super Swing

Most of people may want to play the swing like this in Bali, but don’t you know that the super swing in Nui beach is fantastic! It will not let you down for sure. This adventurous swing is tied tightly with the palm trees. The two long lines of the swing are the reason why it can be swayed so far and high. You will feel like you are able to fly up there because while you are swayed, there is nothing in front of you except the sky and sea. In the fright, there is also the hidden impression.

There are 3 super swings in Nui beach. Also, do not worry about safety, there is a seatbelt on each swing. Besides, the staffs are going to wear the seatbelt for you, sway, and take care of you. Just relax.

If you really want to get awesome photos that give sense of tropical vibes like Bali style plus a bit of adventure scents, you need to play the swing. I would highly recommend you to play this, otherwise it can be said that you have not really visited Nui beach.

For those who are scared, you may have to take some time, take a deep breath, and chill out before getting up there. However, I promise that after you play it, you will be impressed.

All in all, those are 4 awesome photo spots in Nui beach, Phuket, Thailand that can make your life looks fabulous. Obviously, this blog shows you how to make Phuket looks like Bali. I hope you enjoy reading this.

Not only that, let me tell you something. The peak of traveling to Nui beach is the way to get into it. You cannot drive to the beach by yourself since you have to go up and down the hill and it is too dangerous. You need to park your car at the parking lot outside and get into the staff’s car. They will bring you to the beach. It costs 100 Baht per person for a roundtrip. I would say that the route is quite terrible. It’s like non-asphalt road but also maze and steep. Nonetheless, for haunting great pictures, we need to fight. Everyone, look at the photos I got, isn’ it worth?

Spending time in Nui beach, the secret beach that is not going to be secret anymore, is such a memorable moment. It makes me feels a lot, both tough, excited, impressive, and fun. So I hope all of the lovely readers would come to have fabulous life on Nui beach once. By the way, it’s time to go. Have a nice day, see you!

Location : Nui beach, Phuket, Thailand

Opening hours : 10.00 A.M. – 6.00 P.M.

Entrance fee : 300 Baht per person including snacks and drinks