Fabulous Life! EP.1 : Fab Life in the Super Romantic Luxury Hotel in Phangnga, Thailand

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When talking about traveling in Southern region of Thailand, majority of people may simply think of Phuket or Krabi. Nevertheless, there is one province that every people should not miss out, which is Phangnga. Phangnga is the province nearby Phuket that has interesting tourist destinations to find out. Besides, traveling to Phangnga is easy. Don’t worry. You can simply book a flight to Phuket International Airport and grab a van or rent a car. Then, take a road trip to Phangnga.

For someone who wants to find a place for honeymoon, wants to stay in a luxurious hotel during your holiday with your sweetheart and has some nice photos to upload on your social media accounts, but you don’t want to put much effort to go abroad, I would highly recommend you guys to go to Phangnga.

Here is our recommended place in Phangnga..

It is called “Devasom Khao Lak Beach Resort & Villa”

  • The hotel was recently opened during last quarter of 2018. To be honest, it’s very beautiful and gorgeous. The wide district together with unique design differentiate Devasom from other hotels. It’s outstanding!
  • Devasom has 6 types of accommodations. Overall, 69 guest rooms and villas can be found amid rich tropical garden and coconut groves, edged by the water of the Andaman Sea and the natural freshwater lagoon. However, this trip, we had a chance to stay in Beachfront Pool Villa! Let’s see how splendid it is.

Here is the overview of the our villa. The atmosphere is so good. This offers an intimate beach resort experience, boast magnificent sea views as well as barefoot access straight onto the soft sands of the beach.


If you enter the villa and turn left, walk through restroom, you will see this bedroom, in which that extra large bed looks so comfy! Not only that, all facilities are provided.


Sea view with direct barefoot beach access is amazing. This is real “wake up with this view”, I promise. So think of how fabulous it is.


If you get into the villa and go on the right side, you will enter living room. This is separate living room with elegant lounging space. Free premium mini bar, espresso machine and freshly-squeezed juice of the day are provided.


  • For breakfast, you can choose whether you want to eat in the dining rooms of the hotel which separate into two; Thai food and International food or you want to have brekkie in your villa since Devasom offers daily in-villa breakfast services. To enhance, it comes in the form of “Floating breakfast” so there is additional cost to cover. Definitely, we chose floating breakfast in the pool. See how lovely it is! 


  • Having tons of nice photos to upload on social media is always a good idea, isn’t it? And of course, Devasom does not let you down. This time, we have selected 6 magnificent photo spots for you guys. Ready? Prepare yourself, bring up camera, try presets, and come here!


The path at the central building of the hotel

This central building makes Devasom a sophisticated place to visit. It is so good standing at the middle and look at the sea. It actually gives sense of tropical vibes!


Beachfront dining room

Last table at left corner of this dining room is considered to be one of the perfect spots for taking photos. It looks so modern and the view is perfect too, look at the beach at the back. So sit here, have a great dinner, and make people want to be you.


Spa’s pavilion

Obviously, this marble pavilion at spa zone is so luxurious. Don’t miss it guys. Even though you are not here for any treatment or spa, you can just simply walk-in to take photos. It is so gorgeous sitting on the pavilion.


Scaling ladder

Another interesting spot is scaling ladder at the wall. This really gives sense of “less is more”. You can have a creative photo by just sitting or standing on this stylish wall.


Private pool at the villa(1)

Shooting from the villa out to the beach, together with your floating breakfast in the pool gives such a relaxed feeling. As you can see, the atmosphere is so good!


Private pool at the villa(2)

Showing the villa itself by shooting from the pool is another good idea. Also, do not forget your cute floating breakfast. Whether you want to have a single photo or you want to take a photo with your sweetheart, you will definitely get splendid pictures at this spot. Then, we guarantee others must be jealous, especially the couple shot!


We have come to the last part of Fabulous Life EP.1. We would like to thank you all for reading the blog. Hope you all enjoy! Guys, don’t forget to go out, chilling, travel, and have a perfect and fabulous life anywhere you go. Stay tuned for the next episode of Fabulous Life, bye!

Location : Devasom Khao Lak Beach Resort & Villa, Phangnga, Thailand