Easy & Breezy Sri Panwa Trip Part #1: 1 Bedroom Luxury Pool Villa with Scenic Ocean View

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@ Sri Panwa Phuket Luxury Pool Villa Hotel

Hi, it’s Mamy again. This time, Mamy is going to take you guys to the hotel that, I believe, is the dream hotel for many of you. And, it is Sri Panwa Phuket Luxury Pool Villa Hotel! The hotel is located in Phuket and is only an hour drive away from the Phuket International Airport (depending on the traffic, which, Mamy has to say, is not any better than traffic jam in Bangkok).

Sri Panwa Hotel is right for family trips, whether big or small ones, since they offer a variety of room types, ranging from one bedroom to five bedroom suitable for honeymoon trips and family trips, with the romantic and stunning ocean and garden views to suit your liking.

The room type Mamy is going to show you is One Bedroom Luxury Pool Villa with ocean view. This type of room is quite spacious, with the space of 260 – 300 sq.m. There are two detached villas which give the separate space for some entertainment like watching movies or listening to music and resting area. When you enter the villa, you will see two separate houses. Let’s start with the one on the right side.

The first thing you will see when entering the room is the bedroom. There are also complimentary, stylish cloth bags and hats placed on the bed–offered free of charge by Sri Panwa, meaning you can take them home. The inner area, which is a bedroom, consists of a king-size bed on which you can roll around. Apart from the bed, there are also a stereo set, a TV, and an iPod loaded with various genres of songs for you to listen until you are satisfied. Or, you can watch any of the variety of TV programs as well. In the zone, a huge L-shaped sofa is there for you to sit on while enjoying the sea view.

Next to the bedroom is a luxurious, fully equipped bathroom, with two sinks, eliminating the need to share a sink when washing or brushing, and a jacuzzi bath for you to relax in or use the bubble bath mood and pose for some cool photos.

The bathroom is also fully equipped with personal items like dryers, cotton buds, facial tissues, soaps, shampoos, and skin lotions—it is safe to say that there is no need for you to bring any with you there. Apart from the jacuzzi, there is also an outdoor shower where you can take a quick bath after swimming in the villa private pool. Let’s take a tour of another villa.

This villa is for relaxation–like a living room for some quick naps rather than deep sleeps. In this room, there is a huge sofa to lie on when watching some movies, a kitchen, and a bathroom with a shower bath. The home theatre includes an iPod, some stereo set, and a TV, like those in

the bedroom. In the bathroom, a set of soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and lotions is readily prepared. The minibar includes soft drinks and syrups, with the refill option without extra charges. The kitchen consists of a kettle, a Nespresso coffee capsule, an electric stove, a microwave, a fridge, and some pots and pans–all offered in the villa.

Apart from the two rooms, what cannot be forgotten is the swimming pool that is just one jump away from your bedroom, meaning you can swim while appreciating the sea view. How delightful! Around the villa, there are chairs and photogenic spots. Since the one bedroom ocean view pool villa offers sea views, making it even more scenic and romantic, Mamy recommends this for couples, whether those on relaxing getaways or on the honeymoon.

Let’s discuss other facilities. Sri Panwa Hotel offers room service to bring meals to your room. To receive the service, you will be given tick box options. Mamy was not sure what to order, so Mamy ticked on almost every item, resulting in these dishes on the table without any space left. This service comes with some additional costs, which include the service charge of 500 baht per time (this additional 500-baht charge is available for guests who buy the villa package plus breakfast only. Other than this, the service charge is according to the actual prices on à la carte menu). Those who do not want to pay this extra charge can dine in the dining area of the hotel where both indoor and outdoor seating options are available.

The hotel offers different breakfast menus each morning, with full lines of main dishes, desserts, drinking water and juices, cold cuts, and salad. However, the selection available everyday includes pancakes, french toasts, and eggs, with a selection of eggs benedicts, omelet, soft-boiled egg, and fried egg–all of these is on the tick box option. In addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner can be ordered through room service which comes to your door, with extra charge on top of the meals, that is, 10% of the meal price for the room service of food served to your villa.

The room service option is offered for any meals except for breakfast since the kitchen is still not open yet at that time.

In the hotel, there are many photogenic spots, in a nice atmosphere, including Baba Nest, which should be reserved in advance since the seating is limited. Baba Nest offers Mexican tapas. For the photogenic spots, apart from Baba Nest, Mamy also recommends the hotel’s swimming pool as it is quite a place to get some glamorous photos.

Mamy would like to end the review of Sri Panwa Phuket Luxury Pool Villa Hotel, the dream hotel for many, with these stunning photos. See you again in the next review. Stay tuned for the next experience with some beautiful location or cool lifestyle that Mamy will show you. Bye guys.