5 Ways Not to Get Scams When Buying a Travel Service!

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Hi, guys. Nice to meet all of Mamy friends again! Mamy thinks many of you guys have experienced some difficulties with questionable tourist service, leaving you in doubt with those companies delivering services. You might have wondered, “Wait, am I getting ripped off?” “Does that company really exist?” Or even, “Will they just take my money and run away?” Or, chances are, you may get lesser than what you’re at first promised.


Of course, Mamy does not fail to bring you some helpful tips about how to choose a good tourist service so that you can travel with super ease and relief!!!


1. Choose legally registered companies

This can guarantee your peace of mind when buying a travel service. Since travel companies are generally required to register for the permission of tourism business. The issued permit should be displayed, let’s say, at the companies or on websites.

Here are some basic proofs for legitimate travel companies:

– A Business Registration Certificate

This document can guarantee the registration of a company according to the Department of Business Development because it indicates a company’s registered capital, committee, and objectives.

The document has a company’s registration number, which can be tracked down on the website www.dbd.go.th, or via the official mobile application of DBD–this is now available for download on both App Store and Google Play.

And this is how it looks: 

-Commercial Registration Certificate or DBD Registered

This document shows the date of registration, types of businesses, including a location of a company.

-The Permission of Tourism Business Certificate

Another important document every company needs is the permission to conduct tourism business, which every company is required to pay the fee once every two years. This document must also be displayed at companies.

-The Certificate of Value Added Tax Registration

Another important document is the certificate of value added tax registration. If you notice, every bill we pay is included value-added tax, which will be paid to the Revenue Department. The tax will be used for our nation’s development. This means you get to travel as well as contribute something better to the whole nation. It’s a win-win situation.

The account of companies’ tax payments can be tracked down on this website: http://www. rd.go.th/publish/313.0.html.


2.Select companies with reliable websites

Buying travel services these days seems much easier and even more convenient, for many companies use the internet as their media for advertisement and sales. But, you still have to choose carefully before buying a service.

So, always choose companies with known or registered websites, not those free, unregistered ones. Or you can easily follow their activities from PR; but please keep in mind that user reviews are always a plus.

Also, don’t forget to check these out whenever you guys feel like booking a travel service online:

-Domain Name  

-DBD Registered

-Check if a domain name or a website name is identical with the name registered for E-Commerce or DBD Registered.

Some of you might be wondering, “What exactly is DBD Registered?” Well, it’s an electronic registration required for every kind of E-Commerce. Online entrepreneurs are always required to register into the system, and those who fail to comply will face the penalty according to Commercial Registration Act B.E.2499.

-SSL Certificate

For those who are joining online trades, using a website with SSL Certificate will give you a proper protection from electronic theft.

-Types of Business Registration

-Display of the Permission of Tourism Business Certificate, indicating explicit and provable evidence

Specifically, an online business is categorized as an e-commercial business model, for instance.

Below is an example of the permit issued by the Department of Tourism:

-About Us/ Contact Us Page

Companies always need to give out clear information, whether it’s their locations, contact methods, or even their bank accounts since all of the information can consequently affect a company’s credibility.

There’s nothing to worry about if the name on the bank account is the same with that of the juristic person. If not, you should do some background check to see what kind of relationship the person has with the company. Things could turn out sore if the account is fraudulent.


3.Select services with clear plans

Service providers have to be super clear about their super detailed plans throughout the trip so as to be a factor for customers to decide, and of course, to rely on.

Also, pay attention to some additional conditions. Some services might come with hidden extra conditions. For instance, an advertised price may include some services but exclude others.


4. Choose reasonably priced services with a copy of the confirmation

Before buying any travel service, you should compare the prices of the service from different companies or check the average price. On one hand, it’d be such a mood wrecker to get substandard service especially when you pay a considerable price. On the other hand, it can be questionable when the price is too low because of the lower the price, the higher the risks.

If you have paid for the service, please bear in mind that the company should at least issue a receipt as a proof of your payment. And with that, you could be partly at ease.


5. Choose companies with service-minded attitudes  

Mamy believes that many of us have talked with the staff from travel companies before deciding to buy services. Of course, ranges of services vary. And, getting a service from providers with service minded and caring attitudes is always a great choice.

At Mamy Booking, we provide 24-hour hotline delivering great service to every tourist worldwide at all time.

How’re our tips to prevent you guys from getting scam when buying a travel service? These steps are super easy, right? Anyway, prevention is always better than cure. There’s no fun being fooled; that way, all you’ll get is never a joyful trip, but a bad experience instead.


So, if you find a company with the said qualities, you can now make a booking with relief!