23 Koh Tao / Koh Nangyuan Scuba diving sites – Suratthani

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Koh Tao is an island in Surat Thani Province that is noted for having one of the world’s most spectacular diving locations as well as one of Thailand’s most gorgeous beaches. Koh Tao is abundant in natural beauty, with 11 bays and ten capes, each with its own unique features, such as Kong Chumphon, a scuba diving spot that we may be fortunate enough to have. At Kong Hin Wong, a snorkeling area where coral reefs can be easily viewed from a distance of 3-12 meters and other places that should not be missed, I met Khun Whale Shark swimming to say hello. You must witness it for yourself.


Koh Nang Yuan, which is also in Surat Thani Province, is close to Koh Tao. The majority of individuals enjoy taking photographs. Because you can observe corals, fish, and other marine life in shallow water, seeing the gorgeous sandy beach and snorkeling combined is a great idea. It is a gorgeous island with idyllic surroundings, similar to a paradise island. One of the top ten most gorgeous islands on the planet.


The aquatic environment on Koh Tao is great for snorkeling. Clear water, moderate water level, and (snorkeling) or scuba diving virtually all year. as well as calm winds As a result, it is appropriate for both youngsters and adults. We can choose from a variety of tour firms to take us “about the island.” Which will take you to notable dive spots while also showing you the sights of Koh Tao. But, regardless of how we dive, There was a wealth of undersea nature and a great variety of marine life everywhere we went, including parrotfish, angelfish, bullfish, and blue-spotted rays. Blacktip reef sharks and sea turtles can also be found at several dive locations on Koh Tao.


23 dive sites around Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan

1.Mango Bay


3.Hin Wong Pinnacle

4.Hin Wong Bay

5.Laem Thian

6.Tanote Bay

7.King Kong

8.Ao Leuk

9.Hin Ngam

10.Shark Island

11.MV Trident Wreck

12.Buddha Point

13.Tuk Tuk

14.3 Rocks


16.Sairee Reef

17.Bio Rock

18.Japanese Gardens

19.Red Rock

20.Green Rock


22.White Rock

23.Hin Pee Wee


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