4 Exciting Activities to Do While You’re Visiting Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island is one of the most islands in Thailand. Ranking as one of the best attractions in Southern Thailand, this island is stunningly beautiful. Consisting of six exotic islands of pristine waters and fine white sand, Phi Phi Island became famous when Maya Bay—one of the most beautiful beach destinations in the world—was featured in the Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie The Beach.

Despite the massive influx of tourists and the government’s efforts to preserve its natural beauty, Phi Phi Island still offers visitors a taste of paradise with palm-fringed white beaches and clear turquoise blue waters. To this day, it is still considered one of the best islands to visit in Thailand.
Despite being insanely touristy, there are so many things one can do on the island. Here is a list of four exciting things to do and see on the island:

Beach Hopping

Beaches in Koh Phi Phi Don tend to be overcrowded, mostly because it has become one of the most famous beaches in the world. Here are the other beautiful beaches you can explore for a few hours to soak in the sea and sun in peace:

  • Ao Toh Ko
  • Long Beach
  • Ao Lo Moo Dee
  • Phak Nam Bay
  • Laem Tong Beach
  • Secret Beach
  • Ao Poh

Some beaches on the island can only be reached by either a longtail boat or a long trail hike since they are a distance from the center. Although you will need to put in more effort to get there, the destination is definitely worth the effort.

Enroll in a Cooking Class

Thailand is the birthplace of a few remarkable dishes that no traveler forgets. Spicy tom yum, massaman curries, classic pad thai, and sticky mango rice are among the most popular. Taking up a cooking class and learning the ropes of making these wonderful dishes is one of the best keepsakes you can take home with you.

While on the island, give cooking lessons a try. Not only will it add variation to your normal sightseeing and exploration filled day, but it will also be a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture.

Hike the View Point

If you’re in the mood for doing something more adventurous than sunbathing on the beach, consider going hiking. Phi Phi Island offers one of the most stunning viewpoints in the country. Phi Phi Viewpoint is the highest point of the island at 186 meters, offering visitors with uninhibited views of pristine waters and luscious greenery of the island.

Once you have reached the summit, you will be introduced to four other trails leading up to lesser-known beaches on the Eastern part. The trails will lead you to Paknam, Lo Bakao, or Ao Tokho—all of which are a mere 30 minutes from the top. Make sure to bring water, mosquito lotion, and some cash along with you. There are vendors that sell drinks so you won’t have to worry about going thirsty even if you run out of the water you brought. Note that you’ll also have to pay a small entrance fee to access the viewpoints.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a popular sport in Thailand. The limestone boulder peaks located on most islands are perfect for that rock climbing adventures or to improve your skills. One of the routes you can take is the one in the Ton Sai Tower near Ton Sai Beach. It has marked routes that are incredibly easy to follow—especially if you have your own equipment. You can also book a trip with one of the many tour providers and take climbing lessons or tour packages.

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