3 Tips For A Better Maya Bay Trip Experience – Our Guide

Best known for its many appearances in Hollywood films and popular lifestyle channels, Maya Bay has established itself as one of the most elusive paradises in the world. The beautiful beaches have tickled the fancy of many beach seekers in years past as well as years to come.

Although its claim to fame may be a feature in the movie “The Beach” as it housed a backpacking Leonardo DiCaprio, Maya Bay has definitely made itself much more known around the world for a variety of reasons—most of which have much to do with its natural beauty. As more and more tourists become aware of Maya Bay’s existence and beauty, however, it can be quite challenging to get ahead of excited travelers coming from Koh Phi Phi Don and Koh Phi Phi Leh.

Fortunately, enjoying Maya Bay, effectively planning for it, and making memories of a lifetime without spending a fortune is very much possible as long as you take the right steps towards preparing for your next trip. If you’re looking to enjoy Phi Phi’s most breathtaking scenic locations in the most hassle-free and enjoyable way, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Ditch the speedboat, opt to go for a long-tail boat instead
One of the most common mistakes that first-time tourists headed over to Maya Bay make is that they spend a pretty penny on traveling by speedboat when they can just get a private long-tail boat and save on half the expected cost.

In most cases, long-tail boats can hold up to 25 people—with greater cost savings for the more you are in the group. Even if you have a small group, however, expect to pay for a bargain and still pay so much less for the entire trip going to and coming from Maya Bay. For example, three people in a long-tail boat will only have to pay 18 USD (or 600 THB).

Aside from being cost-effective, getting a long-tail boat is much more convenient because there are various options and services online that can help pre-arrange a long-tail boat schedule or trip for you. For instance, you can schedule a long-tail boat trip with Mamy Booking on any trip option going to Maya Bay ahead of time to ensure you’re getting the best price and the most convenient experience!

Double-check for any taxes that you might have to pay when you get to Maya Bay
Before you head over to Maya Bay and pay for the trip or tour fee, it is important to ask upfront whether or not you’ll be required to pay a 200 THB tax before or when you get to the beach.

For the last few years, travelers to Maya Bay have complained about being asked to pay the 6 USD fee upfront simply because they didn’t know it existed in the first place. For some tour options, however (such as Maya Booking’s own available options), the 200 THB tax has already been included in the ticket price. Make sure you ask your tour provider if the tax fees have already been included in the final bill!

Go for a half-day tour to maximize Maya Bay and the rest of your trip to Krabi
Another misconception that most first-time travelers to Maya Bay have is that they need to spend a whole day in the area in order to fully appreciate the trip. However, the reality of it all is that a half-day tour will definitely suffice. The average half-day option covers all tourist attractions in Maya Bay, such as snorkeling experiences, spelunking in the Viking Cave, and a worthwhile trip to Monkey Beach.

By taking the half-day option, you’re essentially freeing up your Krabi trip schedule for more opportunities to enjoy the entirety of the province (such as booking additional tours from Mamy Booking that go to various locations, such as Phi Phi and Krabi town!). If you love the island adventures, however, we definitely aren’t going to discourage you from making it a full day journey.

Final words
A trip to Maya Beach is one of the best experiences that you could possibly ever have in Krabi. That said, taking the necessary steps to prepare for your trip can make the entire experience much better! By following the tips in this article, you’ll be able to enjoy the best of Maya Bay while saving money and maximizing the experience!