Tempting, Mouth-Watering Food at Glass House, Laos-Yuan by Tum Mour.

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Mamy often feels like eating spicy food, so Mamy began to search for great places in hopes of discovering some hidden treasure. And, as expected, Mamy came across this great place, with a great location and atmosphere. The place is called Glass House.

Glass house is an Isan-Vietnamese restaurant, located in front of Sino House Hotel near Sengho Bookstore in the heart of Phuket downtown. Surely, those who are in the area can’t help but notice the restaurant with its distinctive greenhouse interior design. There are rain trees, locally known as great chamchas, giving out the shade all day long in the restaurant.

The interior design is in white color–giving out a sense of comfort. The clean white furniture is in contrast with the beige sofas, offering a sense of warmth. There is a huge rain tree kept within the indoor area. The place is colorful with ferns and orchids. Mamy sees that there are great spots for customers to take stunning photos. The place is welcoming for family or friend gathering as well as romantic dates. Also, there’s no need to worry whether it’ll be too hot since there’s umbrella decoration hanging from the ceiling blocking sunlight heat. The seating area consists of indoor and outdoor areas.

Now, let’s look at the menus.The restaurant offers a variety of Thai and Vietnamese dishes. Let’s start with the first dish, which is thin rice noodles with grilled pork, or Bun Cha. The dish is super tasty. The noodles are cooked with oil and garlic added on top. The pork is marinated well with carefully chosen ingredients, resulting in great flavor. The spicy pork salad is served with thick slices of pork, and the taste is both sour and spicy.

The last dish is called Vietnamese meatball wraps. The vegetable bundle is so huge and fresh. The thin wraps are in a right size for bites, served with tasty sauce, or Nuoc Mam.The dessert is shaved ice topped with condensed milk, which may look ordinary but its taste is not! Even better, it is a greatly refreshing treat. Glass House is an Isan-Vietnamese restaurant (Laos-Yuan) by Tum Mua. The restaurant offers a selection of Vietnamese dishes. Those who crave for some spicy Isan food or satisfyingly tasty Vietnamese dishes with reasonable prices and great atmosphere should definitely try out Glass House!


More Information :

GLASS HOUSE Laos-Yuan by Tummour

Addess : Sino House Hotel Montri rd. T.Talat Yai A.Muang, Phuket

Tel : 076-232494-95

Open daily 11.00 a.m. –  11.00 p.m.

Facebook : Glass House Restaurant Phuket