Snorkeling trip, Samae San Bay, clear sea near Bangkok, the price is below 700 BAHT !

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Pack your bags, find a place to stay and go snorkeling at Samae San Bay, Sattahip District, Chonburi Province. It takes an average of 2 hours from Bangkok, so it’s convenient to travel. Whether driving by yourself or get on a public van. There are tourist attractions that can be visited  such as Koh Kham Undersea Park, Luang Pho Dam Chong Samae San Temple, Cartoon Fish Farm, Nong Nuch Garden and many other places.

Samae San Bay is one of the areas in charge by the Sattahip Navy. Chonburi Province to conserve natural resources on the islands Surrounded by islands such as Chuang Island, Rongkhon Island, Cinema Island, Salt Barn Island, etc., which these islands There will be sea turtles to lay eggs on a regular basis. Therefore, tourists are not allowed to walk on the island. You can walk only on the sandy beach.



Samae San Bay Tourism It is eco-tourism. Managed by Chong Samae San villagers, today will be a package of Mamybooking speed boat, snorkeling equipment, life jacket, drinking water, sup- board and underwater photography service by professional photographers.


Mamy booking will take us on a speed boat to snorkel to see coral in the sea around Samae San Bay. The sea water is very clear. Just sitting on the boat, you can clearly see corals and varieties of fish from the surface.

Deep under the sea still abundant with beautiful coral reefs Both soft corals, hard corals, staghorn corals and colorful sea anemones with a variety of fish, parrot fish, tiger striped fish, manta rays And the hero like Nemo fish that swims for us to admire up close

Who wants to experience the clear blue sea  paradise of the eastern sea.  Don’t wait ! Pack your bags quickly then jump straight to Mamy booking. We are ready to give advice and provide you the best service.

How to go : Heading to Sattahip Run straight only to U-Tapao Airport. Continue driving until you reach the mouth of Chong Samae San village. Then turn left and go straight. Will find Samae San pier

if anyone is interested in a diving trip at Samae San Bay  trips can be booked via Line official: @mamybooking or call 085 305 8888.