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Hey there, all of Mamy Booking’s friends!! Today Mamy has some good news to share with you guys. Mamy gonna take you all to Royal Silk Lounge of the national airline, Thai Airways International. This time we will use the service of the domestic flight.


As we know, if we travel first class or business class, or if we use the service of the airline that is a member of Star Alliance, we will be able to access the lounge. Another way is for you guys who have a credit card that is on the list to access the lounge.


The location of a domestic lounge is on concourse A zone. Well, it’s a little bit far. If you guys want to spend time in the lounge, you may need to spare time a bit.


Walking in a little while and you will see a lounge signboard in front of the entry. Why wait? Let’s go in ~ ~

When you are inside, you will see seats for you guys to sit and chill. There are lots of newspapers and magazines for you to read. They also provide you plugs for your convenience.

The lounge is decorated in light purple which makes you feel warm. Thai art inside the lounge is designed by Pricha Taotong teacher, the internal artist specialized in visual art.

And of course, the things that you guys totally can’t miss are the list of foods and services provided for the passengers in the lounge.



Let’s start with foods and beverages.

There is a hot beverage bar which provides drinks such as tea and coffee. And there are also coffee makers for you to choose whatever coffee you want. Well, Mamy thinks the taste of the coffee is kinda normal, not extraordinary. The good thing is you can try to make a cup of Espresso, Latte or Cappuccino for yourself.

As for the healthy one, there are also fruit juices provided in the lounge.

Or anyone who loves the refreshment during waiting for the trip, Thai Airways has a soft drink for you!!



Continue to the dessert

you will find yourself lost in desserts and sweets zone, both internal and international. There is a lot for you to decide.

whether bread

mini burger


hot steamed stuff bun

and other pastries.

Thai Airways also has a pancake maker for the passengers who like to show their bakery skill. As for how to use the maker is not difficult at all, just do as the above steps. Very easy!

Mini pizza


Thai dessert comes in a small size, cute and convenient to eat.

If you guys wanna eat something simple, a cup of noodle would be the answer. There are two tastes for you, which are minced pork and shrimp tomyum.

Mamy always choose the simple noodle along with a little dessert for a day.

Foods of Northern Thailand like Khao Soi Gai (curried noodle soup with chicken)

chicken satay

ending up with shrimps cakes and plum sauce… That’s already enough for one flight.


Come to this point, Mamy would like to explain a little bit about the list of provided foods. The list of foods in the lounge that is all day served is sandwich, pastry, dimsum, fruit.  Also, there is a list of specific time served foods which will be provided around 5 to 10 am and 3 pm. Inevitably they will be like grouper soft-boiled rice, chicken rice porridge, rice steamed with chicken soup and curried noodle soup with chicken (Mamy usually sees this one though).


The other service zone is computer zone with Wi-Fi. You guys can go and ask for Wi-Fi’s password at the officer there.

There are PCs with the seats for you to sit.


Another interesting zone is Garden Zone. You will see guide post showing you the way inside resting area made of glass. Not so many people in this zone. It is quiet and you can see the outside view. You can see trees lining up creating shade on the ground. Looking at them will make you feel completely relaxing.

 Garden Zone

Here is also a drinking zone


Oh wait, Mamy forgot to mention!! As in this royal silk lounge, there will be no announcement calling for the passenger. You guys need to go to the gate within the specified time on your boarding pass. So don’t enjoy yourself too much that you forgot your flight!


Alright! Today’s review of the royal silk lounge for domestic flight comes to an end. We can say that here has both convenience and all. The food is full package and the dessert is terrific!! Absolutely make the impression since the beginning. If you have any chances to fly with Thai Airways, you should try to use their service in the lounge.


As for where Mamy Booking will take you or what Mamy Booking will show you next time… you’ll see. See you guys in the next review. Byeeeeee~




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