Rock Beach Swing, the new attractions in 2020 with A lot of great spots to photograph.

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Hello, everyone! Today we will take all of you guys to explore the secret beach where it is a new check-in point with great spots to photograph. It looks like the Bali beaches located in Phuket.

It has a good vibe with a lot of great spots to photograph. If you come here, I can guarantee that you will get a ton of beautiful photos to pose on your IG for a whole year. Just follow Mamy booking right this way!  ^^

We started travelling to Rock Beach Swing firstly or Karon View point as your needed. The entrance will be next to Soi. Laem Moom Nai.

When we arrived at the parking lot, paid for the entrance fee and stamped on our wrist, there was a shuttle bus to pick up and drop off at Karon View point which was about 800 meters. (The way down was quite steep)

When we were at the destination, we brought the receipt to the staff to check at the entrance. There were a lot of accessories for rental such as a hat, angel wings, a transparent unbrealla which the rental fee is 50 baht each. You can freedomly select your own style.

After that, I walked inside and saw various booths of Rock Beach Swing had been prepared for photographing, it was beautiful. I think it could be a pre-wedding photoshoot and some booths looked exotic. Alright, let get started!

We started with the stunning swing decorated with white flowers. The front is a sea view as far as the eye could reach It was our first spot! We took tons of photos!

Continued with the Bali-styled bird’s nest. It is the most popular that has to have everywhere to be trendy. What are we waiting for? We took photos.

We walked continually and then we found the seat under the tree. This seat can sit only 2 persons because it would be overweight. We sat properly and took photos joyfully. 


The weather was quite hot during the day. We took photos until sweated. Rock Beach Swing had a drink bar and snack for us too. We went to sit and drink some water and the receipt received when paying the entrance fee can be exchanged for 1 small bottle of water.

When we were relieved, we went to the next station which was Bali Swing. It’s super high. But don’t worry, there always have staff who will take care of your and you can ask them for your desired swinging level ~~

continued to this booth, I don’t know what it is called. But photos taken here were very elegant, strange, I like it.

This was awesome too. It was a hanging-rounded chair. we created our posture as much as possible.

Here we come, this was the highlight of Rock Beach Swing, another popular spot. Anyone who comes here, you must not miss to take photos with this white heaven stairs. If you rent angel wings as well, it will be very cool because it will feel like an angel will be returning to heaven.

next to the heavenly stair, it was another Bali-styled bird’s nest.

Just keep walking and taking photos, unfortunately, it was just a short time. No matter how many photos had been taken, it wasn’t enough for us because they were a lot of beauty and made us breathless. For anyone who is looking for a perfect place to be pre-wedding photoshoot or a new vacation spot in Phuket, we would like to suggest this place! it has opened since November 2019. It has good vibe, a lot of photographing corners with stunning sea view. I can tell you that it’s worthy to be here! 

Anyone who is interested in, please follow Mamy Booking to take nice photos like this,  you can see the details and contact information below.



Rock Beach Swing

Opening hours: 9.00-18.30.

Entrance fee: Thai people 250 baht, foreigners 600 baht

Location: Soi Laem Moom Nai, beside Karon View Point.

Facebook: Rock Beach Swing

Contact number: 063 076 2046


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