Review The best Crispy pork dish and sauce in Phuket, Thailand 2021

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Golden Crispy Pork Restaurant of Ban Pon, Thalang, Phuket, a famous crispy pork restaurant that has been guaranteed by many voices that it is really delicious. Through fumigation with natural ingredients then fried in clean oil with a special dipping sauce, tamarind chili paste. It has been passed down for more than 50 years.

Crispy pork, crispy fried golden yellow, crispy skin, soft texture, fragrant, while the red meat is still soft. Eat with special sauce. Yummy!!

Apart from the crispy pork rice that is outstanding, the menu “Roasted Chicken” and “Red Pork” are equally delicious. Because they use a pressure cooker to bake with mangroves. It’s a unique specialty, or “Kuay Jap Crispy Pork”, it’s considered cool because they take the soup to simmer for hours to bring out the rich flavor.

The “Roasted Chicken” menu is really good. Tender roasted chicken, add a special recipe. Eat with hot soup.

For anyone who wants to takeaway. They have a vacuum package, convenient and ready to eat.

The shop is clean and inviting. There is convenient parking in front of the shop.


“Golden Crispy Pork” is near the fresh market, Ban Pon intersection, next to Phasin Leasing.

Open every day except Wednesday from 8:00-15:00 or order via Grab, Line Man.