Phuket Scuba Diving Sites

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Phuket is another landmark that is popular with divers and tourists who like scuba diving because of its beautiful and under the sea as the nickname “Andaman Pearl”, a nickname that indicates the beauty of the southern Andaman sea. It is a province that is suitable for learning to dive. Whether it is Open Water (OW), Advance Openwater (AOW) or Fun Dive courses, it is very popular.

Mamy Booking has collected all the scuba diving spots, also known as scuba diving, from shallow depths to 40 meters.

1. Racha Yai

2.Bangalow Bay

3.Bay 2, 3, 4

4.Racha Noi

5.North Point

6.Coral Island

7.Koh Maithon

8.Kata Beach

9.Koh Dok Mai

10.King Cruiser Wreck

11.Anemone Reef

12.Shark Point


For those who are interested in purchasing a diving trip, you can visit the Mamy Booking website or want to learn to dive, there are courses to choose from, both Open Water Course (OW) and Advance Open Water Course (AOW).