Orca’s Travel Ep.5: One-Day Trip at Cock’s Burn Island. Climb a Mountain and See a Panoramic View of Myanmar Sea

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Hello, everyone. It’s us again. Here we are the fifth episode of Orca’s Travel. This time, we’ll take you to the Cock’s Burn Island, which is billed as the most beautiful among all the four islands in the Myanmar sea. For this trip, we’ll be travelling with Grande Travel.

If you book the trip with Mamy Booking, the company would give you a call to confirm your itinerary and to inform that there’d be a car picking you up at the hotel in the morning. If you stay in Ranong city, the ride is free of charge.

In the next morning, a van picks us up at a hotel in Ranong city at around 7am. The van takes about 20 minutes before it arrives at an assembly of Grande Travel.

It’s unexpectedly crowded at the check-in. The tourists are travelling to many different islands such as the Emerald Heart Island, Nyaung Oo Phee Island and Cock’s Burn Island.

For those who haven’t had breakfast, feel free to eat light snacks available at the check-in. There are hot rice porridge, stir-fried noodle, tea and coffee.

After we checked in with the staff, each of us is given a wristband. For tourists who are heading to the Cock’s Burn Island, their wristbands are purple.

While waiting 20 minutes for a departure, make sure you apply sunscreens and have diving gears with you. The staff would call the tourists to hop on a golf cart, which drops off everyone at the pier.

Now we’re at the pier. The staff return us our identification cards before we get on the boat.

At around 9am, the boat finally leaves the pier. Don’t forget to wear a life jacket for your own safety. The cruise takes about 15 minutes before arriving at Kawthaung. We stop here for 10 minutes to proceed a border pass.

You don’t have to do the documents ourselves though, because the staff would take care of it for us. Very convenient, right?

Now we meet the guides who would show us around throughout the trip. They’re Folk, his intern and Burmese guide named Mr. A.

It rains a little while we’re on our way. After one-hour cruise, we finally arrive at the Cock’s Burn Island.

We’re stunned by the crystal clear and turquoise coloured water. It’s true as they say that the Cock’s Burn Island is the most beautiful island among all the four in the Myanmar waters.

Many may wonder how it’s the most beautiful. Let us prove it to you right away.

Walking on the beach is just too ordinary now, we’ll be walking on an elephant’s back. This is another highlight of the trip you don’t want to miss. 

For those who want to climb up there, we’d advise you to bring hiking shoes or sneakers. The mountain is quite steep and the rocks are sharp and slippery. Be careful when you take each step.

Are you ready to be amazed? Let’s go!

The view from up here is truly magnificent. We’re in awe of the panoramic view of the Myanmar sea and several islands. The seawater is displayed in different shades and some flourishing coral reefs are even visible from here.

Hiking up is challenging, but climbing down from the summit is even more challenging. Eventually, we made it safely on the ground. If you get to visit the Cock’s Burn Island, don’t miss a chance to climb up to the peak and see such a splendid view. Trust us, it’s worth it.

After the hike, we wander on the beach to snap pictures. There are a lot of beautiful spots that give us many photo opportunities. You can sit on a beach rock, lie down on the smooth white sand or soak in nature and relax.

See? We didn’t exaggerate the beauty. What is in front of us is just spectacular.

Don’t waste any more time. We move on to go deep underwater. The first diving spot is called Reindeer. The name is given after a large number of Staghorn corals found at the area.

For those who don’t swim well, don’t worry. The guides would give you swim rings and show you around the places.

Of course, since we’re on a diving trip, the must-have tool we need is a good gadget like a quality action camera. It is to make sure we capture the brilliant underwater world.

If you cannot take a good underwater picture, don’t be shy to ask the guides to give a hand. They’re willing to dive and take a perfect shot of you.

After the dive, we get back on the boat and we’re given iced drinks and snacks to bring back some energy. The drinks are available throughout the trip.

Then it’s time we feed our stomachs with some food. We are having lunch on Koh Mook.

Koh Mook is a small island surrounded by crystal clear water and soft white sand beach. On the island there are tables arranged for us.

For the food, the tour company offers us lunchboxes. Each of us is given two lunchboxes, so don’t worry about not getting full.

Don’t underestimate the lunchbox here because it comes with good food and a large proportion. The barbecued seafood and spicy sauce are delicious.

After you’re full, make sure you leave the boxes in a bin provided. Keep clean the island, so we can help it reserve its pristine beauty.

Then we’re given some time to chill and relax on the island. We wander around to see the gorgeous scenery. The water is so clear you don’t even need diving goggles.

And here we go for the next destination. We’re heading to the second diving spot called Golden Bay.

As soon as we arrive, we see golden beds of many yellow Staghorn coral reefs. We’re given half an hour for the wonderful underwater adventure.

We dive down and see a huge bed of Staghorn coral reefs.

Time flies so fast when we have fun. Now we’re at the last diving site called Little Rock. It’s a tiny island with a large beach rock. We’ll swim and dive at only this side of the island.

Since it’s the last stop for us, our guides give us an hour of diving. The highlights of this spot include Staghorn coral reefs that hold up to seven colours.

The coral reefs here are highly abundant. We see Staghorn coral reefs in many colours. They are even more beautiful when being exposed to sunlight. We enjoy the dive so much we don’t want to return to the boat.

But eventually, our time’s up. We get on the boat and have watermelon and pineapple. They’re cool, crisp and refreshing.

Finally, it’s time to return to the shore. It takes about one hour and 30 minutes to get to Kawthaung to proceed a border pass. Then from Kawthaung, it takes a 20-minute ferry ride to arrive at the Grand Andaman Pier.

We arrive safely at the Grand Andaman Pier in Ranong at around 5pm. With beautiful scenery at the Cock’s Burn Island and rich diversity of marine life discovered, it’s been such a worthwhile journey.

*We’d like to recap the trip here*

      – The Cock’s Burn Island is perfect for those who love natural adventures.

– The coral reefs at the island are diverse and abundant. Some of them are rare, comparing to coral reefs found at other islands.

– Make sure you exercise to keep fit before travelling since the schedule is quite busy with physical activities. For the Cock’s Burn Island trip, we also recommend you to bring sneakers or hiking shoes because of many rocks on the way to the peak of the mountain.

– For those who plan for a day trip in Ranong, we’d recommend you to stay in Ranong for three days and two nights because there are still travel limitations in Ranong namely the tight schedule and only a few Ranong-bound flights.

– If you want to have a comfortable journey, flying to Ranong is highly recommended. It’s more time-saving and physically comfortable than riding a car.

– If you want to travel to Ranong city as well, you can hire a car and a driver to show you around. Renting a car is also recommended because each tourist attraction in Ranong is quite far away from each other.

– Myanmar sea opens from October through May each year.


One-day diving trip to the Cockburn Island, booked with Mamy Booking 2,999 baht (car ride from a hotel to the pier included).

*Tips for the trip*

Don’t forget to bring things needed when travelling to the beach. If you love photography, don’t forget to bring an action camera.

Many may wonder which month is the best time to travel to the Myanmar sea. We already did research for you! Opening times of Myanmar islands can be checked online here: ประกาศปิดอุทยานแห่งชาติ ปี 2018 – Mamy Booking – Blog.

And importantly, please don’t forget to keep the beach clean and follow the rules during the travels.

Mamy Booking also has many other tours to the Myanmar sea. You can check them out here: ทริปท่องเที่ยวทะเลพม่าและระนอง

This is it for Orca’s one-day trip to the Cock’s Burn Island. We hope this review would be helpful for you when you plan to travel to the island. See you in the next trip. Bye bye for now.

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