Let’s get cast away at Sali island with “Fon Sananthachat”

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Let’s get cast away at Sali island with “Fon Sananthachat”, The most talented and famous young female actress in Thailand at Sali island, Myanmar. It is a new island that been open for 3 months since January 2019.

Fon had enjoyed snorkelling, saw the cuttlefish up close, witness a family of Sea Otters swimming past by, and sightseeing a big group of Dolphins diving around her.

For had crossed all the bucket list of the most marine enthusiast in 1 day trip. What a lucky girl !

Mamy wants to let you know that For in real life is a very cheerful and friendly person. Many fan clubs came to say hello and ask for a photo and she did not refuse even a single one !

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