Fashionable Coffee Shop in Phuket! : Nang(Sue) 2521

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This is a famous cafe located in Old Phuket Town. With its extraordinary name and fascinating concept, Nang(Sue)2521 is truly remarkable for its interesting book collection provided for customers to enjoy.

The vintage interior design, together with a nice aroma of coffee, can be such a relaxing, ideal place. There are lots of customers here.

Plus, there are tons of books to indulge in! Their book collection is not common at all, for it is carefully selected.

So, there are loads of interesting as well as rare books for customers to choose as they like. But, don’t forget to return them to the shelves! If customers like the books, they can also buy them.

The drinks are by no means inferior as there is a variety of choices, plus tasty made-to-order dishes. The food tastes good, and the price is reasonable.

Iced Thai Tea is delicious,

so is Caramel Macchiato.

The seats can be adjusted to customers’ liking, The walls are nicely decorated with some characters, making the place look more appealing.

That’s not it. As the building is horizontally long, resembling antique buildings in Phuket, there is more than enough space for customers to sit back and enjoy their cups of coffee.

Those who would like some privacy or come in groups can comfortably sit in the area.

Still, that is not all. There are also a gallery and a mini theatre on the second floor! They hold exhibitions or play alternative movies at times—those who are interested can follow their Facebook page for updates.

It is such a pity that there is no exhibition when Mamy’s visiting, so the area’s temporarily closed.

This cafe is another interesting place for those who want to spend their free time enjoying some good books.

This is just the right place and is definitely worth a try—it is a perfect chance to take some gorgeous Instagram photos.

For those of you in search of some cool, unique, and photogenic places with tasty drinks, Mamy hopes that you find this collection to your liking. For next time, don’t forget to check out the place Mamy will take you guys to visit. Till next time. Bye!



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