9 Excellent restaurants in Phuket that you can’t miss!!

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‘drop by when you’re hungry’ …arr, do you familiar with this phase? Of course, everyone heard of it. Today, Mamy Booking has 9 restaurants to recommend you to drop by.


1.Kaolao Super Sam Kong

If you guys are Phuket people and have a chance to drive along Sam Kong, Yaowarad road, you must have cross pass this restaurant named “Kaolaosuper”. But wait for a second, Mamy would like to tell you that this restaurant not only sells Kaolao but also many things else for you to decide. We really should take a look. In the restaurant, they have rice, soup, noodle, but their best seller is “Leng Zapp Kaolao Super”. You guys can choose crispy pork, pork bounce, pork rib, SUPERB chicken feet, FANTASTIC chicken wing, Mee Krob Super, charcoal toast, snowflake iced tea and tons of menus. Here you can have it all! Just picturing it makes me hungry. Anyone who wants to follow the lead to the deliciousness can go to this direction. The restaurant is close to the main road, very easy to find. If you come from Vachira Hospital’s direction, the restaurant will be on the left. You totally can’t miss this one!!

Location: 367/95 Yaowarad Rd. Talat-Yai Subdistrict, Phuket Town 83000

Tel: 089-2256424


2.Kra Prao Tard Sam Kong (Basil Tray Sam Kong)

Then we come to the second restaurant in Sam Kong area. Mamy believes that when it’s a lunchtime, there will be a paradox question that even Mamy can’t figure out, which is “What are we going to eat?” And of course, the answer to that question normally is “What’s about basil?” Well yeah, basil is always one and the only menu that comes to our head and this Basil Tray is totally the answer for you guys who loves basil. Just the name is obvious enough that this menu will be served on the tray!! Absolutely stuff your face till the evening. Here at the restaurant, we have lots of menus for your appetite as if it makes for the basil lover. For basil lover, if they come to the restaurant, their need will be fulfilled. And the price is not too strong comparing to the size. Totally worthy. Basil Tray Sam Kong restaurant is on an easy location to find. It’s on Yaowarad road. If you drive from Vachira Hospital, you just go straight around 500 meters and look at the sideways boiled rice. The restaurant will be on the opposite side of the road. It is one of the choices for the person who can’t think of anything to eat or wanna eat something simple and cheap. This is it!!

Location: 260/32 Yaowarad Rd. Talard-Yai Subdistrict, Phuket Town 83000

Tel: 091-8266932   


3.Kuai Teaw Ruea Ta Lard Naam Damnoen SaDuak (Damnoen Saduak Noodle)

If you guys got bored of the rice menus, Mamy has a noodle restaurant for you to try. Mamy recommends Damnoen Saduak Noodle. However, you guys don’t need to go all the way to Ratchaburi Province because the restaurant is just in Sam Kong area. But Mamy has to tell you that the place is always CROWDED. This place is for everyone. With the location downtown, easy to find and the price is low, no wonder why you can see all the students are continually coming here. For the menu, they have noodle, soup, Yentafo and super spicy soup with pork ribs. Full set of a menu in one restaurant. Normally ordinary restaurant has normal and special size, but here has an additional size which is “Throw up” size. Before you guys get shocked, Mamy will explain that this means a very special size comes in an enormous amount that could make you so full that you throw up. Come on, let me see the hand of the bravery!! As for the location of Damnoen Saduak Noodle, it’s not hard to find. It’s on Yaowarad road. If you drive from Vachira Hospital, look on the right side. There will be the restaurant signboard presented next to the Anubaan furniture store. How is it? Easy, isn’t it?

Location: 258 Yaowarad Rd. Talat-Yai Subdistrict, Phuket Town 83000

Tel: 062-8718200

Website: damnoen-saduak-noodle.business.site



Come to the last restaurant in Sam Kong, this restaurant is very popular among tourists. Anyone who comes to Phuket with an interest in Phuket local food must come to this place, “ChomChan”. Wait a sec, what a familiar restaurant name. Is it the same owner with “OneChun” restaurant? Let Mamy explain that it is the same restaurant. Since OneChun is in the area of old town which very popular and full of customer, the owner of the restaurant had an idea to add a new one. It’s like a branch of OneChun restaurant. The menu is similar, but ChomChan has some additional menus. The restaurant is designed to be Colonia style, both outside and inside, warm the mood to seem like Phuket people’s house back in the day. Inside contains around 20 tables. Quite a lot actually. There is a warm mood feel like eating at home. The menu you can’t miss is “Naam Prig Goong Siab” (Phuket’s Local Chilli Shrimp Paste) one of Phuket’s signatures. And local food tastes like real Phuket such as Gaeng Pu Bai Cha Plu served with hot noodle. As for WanChan restaurant, the place locates on Yaowarad road, roadside. If you drive from Vachira Hospital, the restaurant will be on the right. You will notice when you see creeper arch with a big electronic signboard of ChomChan.

Location: 242/2 Yaowarad Rd. Talat-Yai Subdistrict, Phuket Town 83000

Tel: 076-605954

Facebook: Chomchan by Onechun


5.Mee Sapam Khunyai Jian (Phuket’s Local Hokkien Mee)

This restaurant is a bit out of town. If anyone travels to Phuket, they said “Come to Phuket, must have eaten Mee Sapam” But what is Mee Sapam? May Mamy share you a little bit of information? Mee Sapam Khunyai Jian comes from the fact that Jian Gramma who is Hokkien-Chinese used to sell Hokkien noodle at Sapam village. The day goes by and people who trespassed had tried and liked the taste of it, so they called it after the location of the restaurant. And that’s why we have “Mee Sapam” that lay with Phuket for over 50 years now. The signature of this restaurant is Hokkien noodle Jia Gramma recipe with a strong taste, a little water and lots of meat. Not only Hokkien noodle, there are also many other Phuket local menus such as Oh Tao (Made of flour and Taro), Gaeng Pu Bai Cha Plu, Loba (pork stewed in the gravy), fried wonton, pork satay and desserts like Oh Aew (Phuket’s local dessert). You can go taste Mee Sapam Khunyai Jian by yourself. The place locates at Thep Krasattri road on the way out of town. It’s on the left side before drives through the tunnel at Toyota T-junction. Anyway, if you just read this and passed through that branch, you can go eat in another branch. Just don’t miss.

Location: 56/8 Moo 2, Thep Krasatthree Rd., Koh Kaew Subdistrict, Phuket Town

Tel: 076-239543

Thalang Branch: Near to CherngTalay Wittayakom School 93 Moo.1 Ban Don-CherngTalay Rd., CherngTalay Subdistrict, Thalang District, Phuket 83110

Tel: 076-615566

Website: www.meesapam.com


6.Hoon Fresh Steam Dimsum

Hoon Fresh Steam Dimsum is a dimsum restaurant and a breakfast in Phuket style. The place decorates in old Chinese style. They have a lot of seats for the customer. What makes it special is that Hoon Dimsum is a fresh steam dimsum made from the very fresh raw material. You guys can take it from the fridge and give to the waiter to stream it for you. As for menu, they have pork, crab and shrimp dumpling, Ha Gow (Shrimp Dumpling), Imitation Crab Stick and Bacon wrapped sausages. Other than dimsum, there are additional menus such as red BBQ pork with rice, rice crispy pork, fried Chinese noodle, panned egg or American breakfast. Bak Kut Teh and braised pork spare rib noodle with Chinese radish that they use 13 herbs in total. The taste is smooth and a bit spicy. Good for children, Great for adults. What do you think? Plenty of menus, doesn’t it? The location of Hoon Dimsum is near Thao Thep Krasatti Thao Si Sunthon Monument Junction. Turn right to Pa Khlok, and you will find Hoon Dimsum in The Wish project. The place is 2 blocks of the commercial building located in front of The Wish project near Thalang national museum and Royal James Pavilion. You can notice the place from a big signboard.

Location: The Wish Project, 88 – 88/1 Thao Thep Krasattri & Sri Suthon Monument – Pa Khlok, Thalang District, Phuket 83110

Tel: 064 – 9455659

Facebook: Hoon Dimsum


7.Chokchai Dimsum

For a Dimsum lover, Mamy believes they must have known this place. Chokchai Dimsum established along with Phuket people for over 10 years now. The restaurant is hugh and full of customers since sunrise. Breakfast menu for you guys are soft-boiled rice, red BBQ pork with rice, rice crispy pork, American breakfast fried Chinese noodle. And the best part is that dimsum will be served in a tray. You can choose what you wanna eat and the plate that you don’t eat won’t be charged. If you want any additional menu, you can directly order the waiter. Or if you wanna change tray into a hot one, the waiter will change it for you. The waiters’ service is very nice and fast. The location of Chokchai Dimsum is that, if you drive from Surakun Stadium and find Phuket Thai Hua School intersection, you just turn left to Mae Luan Road. You will drive pass Toyota showroom and drive straight for like 100 meters. Then you will see Chokchai Dimsum on the left. Don’t forget to drop by for dimsum when you come to Phuket.

Location: 46/14 Maeluan Rd., Vichit Subdistrict., Phuket Town 83000

Tel: 076-234491


8.Breez and Bluebird

Konnichiwa~ Japanese greetings like this, of course, Mamy is taking you to one of the awesome Japanese restaurants in Phuket. The place is “Breeze and Bluebird,” located in Boat Lagoon. This restaurant has fresh raw material import from Japan and has real Japanese chef cooking food for us to taste. This restaurant has a lot of menus to choose and the price is very much worth the quality of the food.  Breeze and Bluebird locate at the entrance of Boat Lagoon. You guys will see Siam Commercial Bank on the left and the restaurant is on the 2nd Floor.

Location: Boat Lagoon, Phuket Town

Tel: 063-0824416

Facebook: Breeze_and_Bluebird


9.Torry’s Icecream

After finishing up with main dishes, let’s continue with the desserts. Since this is the last place I’m taking you, we will get back in town. Many of you might well aware of old town area and Talang road. The unique area and architecture made many shops popping up for tourist to drop by. One of the outstanding stores is an ice cream shop in the old town area called “Torry’s Ice cream Boutique”. This one is extraordinary because of a new and different flavor of ice cream. If you’ve been to old town Phuket before, you must have been taking photos in

Soi Rommanee, Thalang road. Behind the shining pink building attracted to tourists, who knows inside the old building has a fresh delicious ice cream store hidden. Inside decorated in gold tone, warm and smell like Sino Portuguese mixed with Europe. Here has homemade ice cream in over 70 flavors. The unique flavor that can only find here in Phuket is local Phuket dessert. Terrific idea. As for Torry’s Ice cream, it locates in Soi Rommanee and has lots of tourists dropping by all the time. If you guys wanna try some unique ice cream flavor, you should come to Torry’s Ice cream.

Location: 16 Soi Rommanee, Talat-Yai Subdistrict, Phuket Town 83000

Tel:  076-510888

Facebook: Torry’s Ice cream

Website: www.torrysicecream.com


Wow! No wonder why UNESCO named Phuket as international food creative city. Because the restaurants here are soooo many that we can barely choose. And all new creative menus or ideas keep coming out for Phuket people and tourists to try. Well, what do you think of these 9 restaurants Mamy brought to you today? Hungry? Mamy suggests you guys should go and try some because they are also good and cheap stuffs here in Phuket. Next time, what will Mamy take you or where will we go to eat…


stay tuned and See you later, Bye.