Tips : 8 Must Have Items When Going to the Beaches!

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It’s not likely going to the beach unprepared. Let’s make sure we have everything ready–whether it’s diving equipment, sunscreens, and most importantly, some must-have items which make the trip even more fabulous–regardless of their degree of priorities. Again, the bottom line is having all these items are an absolute must!

1.Swimsuits are first and foremost an important item when going to the sea. You may buy the one with the design you like. It’s time to show off your gorgeous body!

2.Compact cameras or waterproof cameras are also a must. You can use any type of cameras you like. But, Mamy suggests compact cameras—which are more conveniently portable—or waterproof cameras for those who want to take underwater photos.

3.Sunglasses/hats are highly important for sea trips. These items, apart from protecting us from the summer heat, also work quite well as fabulous photo props. Cool sunglasses and classy wide-brimmed sun hats will enhance your looks—to be more stunning and tasteful.

4.Sunscreens are also vital, for they can protect your skin from the heat. Without sunscreens, your skin can be damaged—with sunburn and such. Well, since it’s scorching hot here, who could bear it? The higher the SPF, the greater the protection—even better if it’s water-resistant sunscreens. And don’t forget to put on after sun or Aloe Vera products to moisturize your skin after a long day in the sun.

5.Waterproof bags are also necessary for sea visits or diving day trips. The items can keep your valuable belongings—such as compact cameras, smartphones, or clothes—from moisture damage. There are products from various brands for your selection.

6.Towels can be handy because, after a day at the beach or diving trips, you will need to wash, right? If you have your bath towel with you, you can dry yourself instantly instead of having to go back to your accommodation to do that. Mamy suggests nano towels or fiber towels since they are more efficient at absorbing water and will dry faster—making them super convenient to carry around.

7.The next one is your favorite dresses. Nobody surely wants to travel in the same clothes throughout the whole trip, right? It’s a good idea to bring enough clothes for your trip. The type of fabrics for summer clothing is lightweight cloth—it’s very photogenic when the wind gently blows it up.

8.The last thing is your loved ones’ smile. Nothing can compete with a getaway with your loved one, for its time alone with your darling. Or, it’s also fun going on a trip with your friends. Smiling and sharing good memories together will surely strengthen your friendship and relationships.


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