5 new stylish Phuket seaside beach lounges     

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If you have an opportunity to travel to Phuket, you surely won’t miss visiting the sea, right? And many people definitely also want to find a luxurious seaside restaurant and great scenery for uploading on social media. Today, I have 5 stylish beach lounges in Phuket to recommend for you!

1.Catch Beach Club

This is a super stylish beach club with a contemporary design using light blue color matching with the sea. What stylish about this could be said in just a small word “Fashion, fun, and fabulous seaside dining”. You could also eat the meals of professional chefs in the middle of Andaman beach and sea panorama view. There are two meal zones, indoor and outdoor. In the night, it will become super stylish night beach club with DJ coming to play for us with nu-disco and techno music. If anyone wants to chill out but also love partying, this is the recommended place for you!

2.Palm Seaside

Another restaurant anyone would record in their bucket list of dinner lovers with the super romantic atmosphere. There are many seats to choose including seats surround the pool or sofa outside that has the view of the sea. One of the features of this place is fresh seafood for you to eat while you could also make BBQ here; the meals are both Thai and foreign menu. Palm Seaside is one of the restaurants with very good scenery as it’s located in the southernmost of Hat Bang Thao and open for breakfast and dinner, very suitable for resting!

3.Sea Salt Patong

Sea Salt Lounge & Grill is a restaurant with a romantic atmosphere. Located in Patong, the area with many tourists both Thai and foreign. The restaurant is on the opposite side of Diamond Cliff Resort & Spa next to the sea. In the restaurant, you could choose any zone you like. But, it’s evening, I recommended sitting outside as you could enjoy the view of sunset 180 degrees! What’s best of this restaurant is fresh seafood and many things to eat on the menu; the premium level is guaranteed while the scenery is very suitable for families or couples. The DJ also comes to play with us as well.

4.HQ Beach Club

This is a beach lounge with the contemporary design of both chic and stylish but also luxurious. The romantic atmosphere with electronic soul played smoothly is presented as well as meal line to choose and the beverage ranging from ordinary water to the premium champagne. You could lay down on a sofa with bird nest design as its signature, letting you relax on the wind. When it reached 6 pm, DJ would also come to play music with us as well.

5.Sala Layan

Our last lounge is Sala Layan, the restaurant in Anantara Layan Phuket Resort, is a super popular Layan beach restaurant with 5 stars classic Mediterranean and Italian meals. It is a seaside restaurant with a warm atmosphere. For Sala Layan, there are breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The breakfast is a buffet style breakfast while lunch and dinner will be served as A la carte flavored and cooked with fresh ingredients. The dishes are decorated beautifully and the meals are very tasty. Anyone who wants to add more sweetness to your couple life, this is one of the options for you!


These are the 5 beach lounges in Phuket that I selected for everyone. There are many good views and meals, there are also eyes candies! My~ it’s a great price! If anyone wants to indulge with stylish beach lounge, you shouldn’t miss these! For now, follow me where I will go next. Until next time. Bye bye~


Cr. : Bikinia & Martinis Volume 6 No.1 / January – March 2018