Top 5 Coffee Houses in Phuket : Great Places with Stunning Views

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It’s so hot in our country. Those who want to escape the heat but are already bored mall walking, these coffee houses might just be the place.

Today, Mamy will introduce you guys 5 cafes in Phuket for you to stay away from the heat and relax in cool places. Mamy’s selection includes great shops exclusively for those coffee lovers. Let’s take a look!

1.PiCKO Cafe

•PiCKo Cafe’ is a blue small coffee shop located near The Milestone or Saphan Hin Public Park. The coffee shop looks ordinary, yet it attracts continuous regularly and is like a hidden treasure. It’s decorated with nicely combined sets of sofas and wood tables, giving out a sense of spaciousness. The outdoor area is also ample. It’s an ideal place to hang out with friends. The treats are tasty, and they also offer cool latte art. Also, the barista here wins Thailand Indy Barista Championship.


2.Reongjit Phuket

•RoengJit Phuket is a cool coffee house located at the heart of the town, not too far from Old Town. Its uniqueness is featured in various aspects, starting from its name to its distinctive retrospective interior. The place was a cinema, established 60 years ago, before it’s changed into a restaurant it is today. That’s why the decoration includes vintage cinema projectors. There are also various photogenic spots. The restaurant offers a variety of local and foreign types of food. There is also a wide selection of beverages including coffee, juice, and alcoholic drinks.


3.The Circle Coffee

•The Circle Coffee Boutique is located near RoengJit restaurant—it’s located at the opposite of the restaurant, to be precise. Both places are in the same area, that is, near The Clock Tower Building. The Circle Coffee Boutique is very easy to find thanks to its distinctive white exterior paint colour. The light coloured interior design is just right for girls. Anyway, the main feature here is their mouth-watering homemade cakes. The atmosphere is also nice. Like, imagine listening to good music in a great place, that is what it is here. How satisfying! There’s also a recently opened branch located near Wat Chalong, focusing on offering main dishes. The restaurant is beautifully decorated and very photogenic.


4.Cafe’ in Thaihua Museum

•Cafe’in Thaihua Museum is located in Old Town, near Thai Hua Museum. The place offers tasty, creative treats. Its highlight menu includes Oh Aew, a famous dessert in Phuket. Yet, the menu is extraordinary because it’s composed of watermelon with sweet-scented rose syrup. They also offer various treats of traditional Oh Aew available exclusively at the place. These treats can keep you cool in hot weather. After taking a tour around the town, don’t forget to visit Cafe’in.


5.Hock Hoe Lee

•HOCK HOE LEE, our last recommendation, is widely known in Phuket as a legendary place; it’s the first coffee roaster in the province, where high quality Arabica, Robusta and Ceylon are used. The place is located on the road to Rawai Beach, not too far from the town. Mamy thinks this place is right for those coffee lovers, specifically with its original steep 18 cold brew recipe. In addition, there are also other interesting menus. The interior design is a nice combination of modern and vintage styles, making it eligible as a place for relaxing while sipping a cup of its original drip coffee or iced tea. This place also distributes its coffee products to hotels, shops, and coffee shops in Phuket. Customers who fall in love with the taste of the coffee can buy their coffee products to make their own cup at home.