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When we’re talking about great places for vacations, Phuket is always a great choice for Thai and foreign travelers alike. Today, Mamy’s brought you a collection of 20 breathtaking beaches in Phuket–both famous and unfamiliar–so that those interested can get some idea for their next vacation once they arrive here.

Let’s begin with Mai Khao Beach, located at the north of the island, close to Phuket International Airport. The beach is quite calm and very suitable for those who prefer private places. Visitors can sit back and relax, observing boundless white sand shore all day long. Or, sometimes they can have fun seeing a plane flying across the sky, for the beach is super close to the airport runway. However, this place might not be the no.1 spot for swimming since the waves are pretty torrential.

The second beach is Nai Yang Beach, where it attracts both Thai and foreign tourists alike, for it is another spot located near to the airport and the town. The place is located in Sirinat National Park, making it a bountifully natural attraction suitable for relaxation. In addition, the place is also an excellent fishing site, which means visitors will get to enjoy fresh seafood with a reasonable price.

Next is called Nai Thon Beach, which is another beach located in Sirinat National Park. The white, smooth sand here and the crystal clear, emerald sea create an amazing contrast. There are also rows of pineapple trees on the beach. Still, the beach is peaceful and private, for it’s not crowded with tourists. The seaside landscape consists of beautiful rocks suitable for taking amazing photos. All in all, the beach is a must for those who want to spend their vacation somewhere amazing as well as peaceful.

Banana Beach is a small beach located between Nai Thon Beach and Layan Beach. This beach is another hidden treasure, very exclusive with the odd of oblivion. Mamy just discovered the place by chance, but something attracted me to go in. The road is quite primitive; so it may require some climbing. However, Mamy thinks it’s totally worth it because the view is extremely stunning. The place is serene, with a very few foreigner visitors who come for sunbathing.

Layan Beach, Sirinat National Park, is not very popular for either Thai or foreign visitors for its challenging access. Most visitors are local people who casually come to picnic with their families or watch the sunset. With the advantage of its rich nature, there are service tents, with the park staff available for those interested in camping here. The beach is ideal for those who seek a peaceful getaway during the course of their holidays.

Bangtao Beach, one of the lengthiest beaches in Phuket, is also serene, with an abundance of pine trees. The sand is impressively white–although it’s not so smooth. The sea is crystal clear. For those who love to dive, there’s also a dive spot at the northern part of the beach. Certain parts of the area have been replanned with the constructions of accommodations, adding up to its charm. Yet, it’s not advisable to swim in the stormy period, for the waves are super ferocious.

Surin Beach, another stunning beach in Phuket, is located between Kamala Beach and Bangtao Beach. The blue sea is perfectly clear and beautiful–especially with the reflection of sunlight on the mirroring plane of water. It’s usually quite windy there, drawing most people to go windsurfing. There are also lots of restaurants as well as entertainment venues around there.

Kamala Beach is a peaceful, lengthy beach. People can swim there any time of the year; however, the most recommended season for swimming is from November to April. Here, there is not a lot of entertainment venues or activities available at the beach, which makes it a perfect place for those who come with families. That being said the place is filled with energy and liveliness at night, for many visitors go there to watch Phuket Fantasea shows, which is an integration of Thai traditional performances and certain astonishingly advanced technology and techniques.

Kalim Beach is a small beach located in the northern part of Patong. The area consists of sand and rocks. The place is not crowded at all, which makes it the right place for those who would love some harmonious vacation. In the evening, vendors will gather around the beach; meaning a wide selection of food available. Visitors can buy food from some vendor and enjoy it at the beach–just don’t leave any trash behind.

Patong Beach is one of the must-visit destinations for those who travel to Phuket. The place is the most famous beach in Phuket, packed with world’s renowned hotels as well as entertainment venues. There are lots of activities to try out or enjoy as well, including Jet Skiing, Banana Boats, Canoeing, and sunbathing.

There’s also a wide range of tourist spots and services available in the area, whether it’s restaurants, hotel, entertainment complexes, department stores, markets, seafood shops, tattoo studios, and cabaret shows. There’s no way visitors will fall spiritless traveling around here.

Tri Trang Beach is located approximately 3 kilometers away from Patong Beach. The sea here is crystal clear, and the sand is super smooth–partly due to the fact that just few people visit here a year. That said, the place is the right match for those who just want to sunbathe or relax in peace. There are some few shops in the area. Those who are not sure if they’ll want something, Mamy suggests them to buy what they may need from Patong Beach in advance, just in case.

Paradise Beach Patong, like the famous Phangan Island, is another location of the Full Moon Party! In Phuket, the Full Moon Party is held in Paradise Beach. This place is a private beach located not too far from Patong Beach. But, the direction to get there can be quite tricky; Mamy suggests you to travel there by service cars provided for visitors. Thais get free admission, whereas foreigners, unfortunately, are charged some fee.

The beach is not too lengthy and very private. The sea is crystal clear. This location is used for Full Moon Party at night. The parties are held twice a month, divided into what’s called “Half Moon” and “Full Moon.” The parties are extremely fun, with crackerjack DJs and everything. If you have yet to be there, Mamy recommends you to try it out once you tick Phuket in your checklist.

Karon Beach is the longest beach in the province. At the beach, there are a lot of pine trees and sugar palm trees standing tidily. The sand is white, soft, and smooth. It’s quite windy around the beach, making it not the best place for swimming again. Yet, it’s the right place for people to sunbathe or sit back and relax while watching the stunning view. Just don’t forget to check out entertainment venues around the beach.

Kata Beach, located between Kata Noi Beach and Karon Beach, with lots of sugar palm trees, is well known as a surfing site in the province since the waves are not too high, making it the right place for amateur surfers. There are various surf schools available in the area. Those who don’t enjoy surfing can also choose to swim or sunbathe. The atmosphere is quite relaxing. A variety of restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, tourism services are available there as well, contributing to how most tourists choose to spend their vacations at Kata Beach.

Kata Noi Beach is located near Kata Beach–it takes a relatively short time to travel between these two beaches. The sand here is also white and smooth, but the beach itself is pretty small. Kata Noi Beach is not any less popular than Kata Beach or any other beaches in Phuket. This beach is suitable for swimming. There are a lot of accommodations, loads of shopping sites, various restaurants, and several souvenir shops available for tourists.

Ao Sane, a small, peaceful, and private gulf is another hidden gem in Phuket. There are not a lot of travelers since the beach is a bit difficult to find– travelers have to walk past Nai Harn Beach to get there. Yet, there are bungalows available exclusively for visitors. All this makes the beach another perfect sense for those enjoying some peaceful vibe.

Nai Harn Beach, a small beach located relatively close to Phromthep Cape, is another uncrowded spot. This place is popular for surfing and sailing boats. There are beach chairs available for visitors to sit back while enjoying Thailand’s extreme sunlight along the beach line.

Ya Nui Beach must be a familiar name for those who have traveled to Phromthep Cape since they’re in the same direction and is very close to each other. This place is favorable for those who enjoy the tranquility. It’s not a long beach. Most tourists go there mainly for sunbathing or swimming. When it comes to its magnificent view, Many can guarantee you guys the place is not inferior to any other beaches.

Rawai Beach is the second largest beach, following Patong Beach. There are affordable seafood restaurants located along the beach line available for visitors to choose. There’s also a port for boarding ships to different islands around Phuket. The beach may not be merited for swimming, but it’s excellent for ordinary family vacations.

Laem Ka Beach, our last destination, is not any less stunning than any other beaches in Phuket. The place is rather unfamiliar for both foreign and Thai tourists, for it’s quite difficult to find this secluded area. But, Mamy’s telling you, the beach is just terrific, with the crystal clear water and grandiose topography of rocks. The atmosphere is super calm. Plus, the beach is not too far from the downtown. Anyway, don’t forget to taste what it feels like.

Finally, Mamy would like to give you guys some useful advice. At the beach, there will be beach flags signaling that swimming is permitted or not, as well as Phuket climate and seasons. So, please don’t forget to check these signs out and go enjoy your vacations!


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