11 Best Porridge Restaurants in Phuket -Must Eat 2021!!!

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1.Khao Tom Tee Lek

“Khao Tom Tee Lek” is located on Patipat Road. The way up to Khao Rang. It’s a small shop on the road. (It’s hard to find parking. because it’s a narrow road) This Khao Tom restaurant has been open for a long time. The overall atmosphere of the shop. The shop is packed every day. There are many foods to choose from. But the highlight that many people like is probably pork porridge. This shop’s stuff is really good, it’s delicious. In addition to having porridge, there are also Mee Sua, Mama. Depending on what customers choose to eat, the price is not expensive, starting at 50 baht. The shop opens at 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. at night, closed every Sunday. Don’t know where to leave your stomach late at night, think of Khao Tom Tee Lek restaurant. Guaranteed deliciousness Then you will like it.

2.Khao Tom Pla Khao Rang

“Khao Tom Pla Khao Rang” is a small shop that has been open for more than 10 years. It is easy to see from a distance because there is a big fishbone in front of the shop. Experience the luscious aroma with various seafood dishes that will make you hungry. There are a variety of side dishes to choose from. Must think of this restaurant Khao Tom Pla Khao Rang. The taste is delicious. The owner seems to care about the customers and is very kind. Fish porridge with sweet and fragrant soup, fresh fish is eaten with spicy soy bean dipping sauce. There is also a spicy fish head tom yum, will be fascinated.

3.Hong Khao Tom Pla

“Hong Khao Tom Pla”, a Phuket porridge restaurant that has been open for a long time. Michelin guarantee near Bang Neaw Intersection. The shop is located along the road. The charm of this restaurant is the fresh seafood, big bouncy shrimp.  The taste is delicious, a lot and good taste in every menu. Here is a faint brown porridge, rice not grain. There is an unlimited amount of side dishes in the middle of the table. Fresh seafood, very large pieces, fish head tom yum soup, full of flavor. This restaurant is really crowded. If it’s peak season, there must be a queue. In conclusion, fish porridge is a must-order. But otherwise, don’t miss it.

4.Khao Tom Dee Buk

“Khao Tom Dee Buk”, the breakfast of Phuket town. Other than Dim Sum and Khanom Jeen, guaranteed by Michelin plate, the shop will have regular menus such as congee, porridge, instant noodles, rice noodles, and tofu.  We can choose the soup types. I will say that the black soup is the base. Goes with every menu item. The shop also has homemade custard as well. Restaurant location: Phang Nga Road. Open 6.00-12.00 don’t miss it.

5.Jenid Restaurant

“Jenid Restaurant”, is located on Phang Nga Road, near the Royal Hotel. There is a parking lot beside the road. Here is a lot of Chinese tourists because there are dim sum, ba kut teh, seafood, porridge, instant noodles, inexpensive for anyone who is a nightlife here. The more you can’t miss is Noodle soup, it’s very delicious. The shop is open from the evening until late at night.

6.Khao Tom Khao Rang

“Khao Tom Khao Rang”, the shop is at the corner of Khao Rang Intersection. It’s not difficult to find. You have to park on the roadside. The food tastes good. The highlight of this shop is food is not expensive. Small plates make it possible to eat many things. And almost all dishes are freshly prepared (except for soups, celery, pork stuffing) price 40-100 baht per dish.

7.Khao Tom Pae Uan

“Khao Tom Pae Uan”, this restaurant has a lot of food. There are always a lot of people, the price is not expensive, 25-35 baht per dish of rice is a restaurant that you have to serve yourself. Suitable for people in a hurry because it is a fast-food restaurant. There is no need for any formal ceremony. Anyone who is hungry comes to this restaurant without any frustration. There are many menus to choose from, including boiled, stir-fried, curry, and fried. The shop is open Sunday to Friday from 16:30-23:00.

8.Yoi Phochana Restaurant

“Yoi Phochana Restaurant” which has been open for more than 50 years, has been passed on to 4 generations. The “Jap Chai” menu takes more than 2 hours to simmer before it can be sold. Located opposite Thai Hua Museum. Open in the evening, sit and eat until late, inexpensive, delicious taste. After finished walking the old city streets you can continue to eat at Yoi Phochana restaurant. Not far from each other. Good service, focusing on selling Thai and Chinese food. There are many great menu items in the restaurant.

9.Khao Tom Nai Dab

“Khao Tom Nai Dab” is a boiled rice shop that has been open for decades in front of the Tourist Police. In town, the shop has many options, both ready-made and freshly prepared. You can eat with rice or boiled rice as you wish. The shop is open from 5:30 PM. – 10:00 PM. Closed every Sunday. The taste of food will be the Hokkien mix between Thai and Chinese. with affordable price, The dish is not large, easy to eat.

10.Khao Tom Ko Odd

“Khao Tom Ko Odd” has been open for at least 10 years. Many customers can see it from the front of the shop. The shop is open from 17.00 – 23.30, closed on Sunday. There are many recommended menus such as pork dumplings, stewed pork, stir-fried branch with oyster sauce, good taste, no fault for the three crispy salad. I have to admit that all 3 things are really crispy, the boied rice is free, the price is not expensive.  Location… From the junction of Wat Thep, go straight into the city, pass the Laem Chan red light junction, go straight for a while, past Roti Anda. The shop is on the left

11.Khao Tom Rim Tang

Khao Tom Rim Tang is located in Sam Kong area is a small shop. but has been in the hearts of customers for a long time. Outstanding southern food The taste is very good. This shop is not only selling boiled rice but there are many dishes to choose from as a side dish. I would like to recommend Stir-Fried Fish Fillet with Celery. You can feel the firm and fresh fish meat, a little sweet, a little salty, very delicious. And another menu, boiled Fish Head with Taro mellow taste. There are many other menus that are worth trying. And it’s inexpensive as well. Open from 5:00 PM to 1:00 AM. You must come and try it.

*It’s also given for the famous Phuket rice porridge that can’t be talked about with this restaurant…

Gobenz Phuket Dried Porridge

A famous restaurant in Phuket that everyone must know. Observed from the queue in front of the shop you have to know how delicious it is. Because Gobenz has only one owner and has no branches. Guarantee by Michelin award. Experience the taste of the divine soup. Try the best dishes, such as dry boiled rice, pork blood cabbage, pork bone porridge, backbone, and crispy pork. The shop opens from 1 pm until 3 am, closed every Buddhist holiday. Located on Krabi Road In front of Chao Ong Shrine.