Today I will take you to know adventure activities in Pattaya, Parasailing.

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Mamy booking will take everyone get to know Parasailing, one of the most popular water activities at the moment.

Today we will take you to see the atmosphere of Parasailing activities in Pattaya, Chonburi Province. On holidays, we may be bored of traveling or doing monotonous activities.           Which Pattaya  is not far from Bangkok due to travel comfortably on vacation, whether it is a beautiful sea, a variety of restaurants, attraction  points, accommodation or water activities like Parasailing.


Parasailing is a beach leisure activity that is becoming popular among both Thais and foreigners who like excitement and challenges from heights above the water. Admire the atmosphere, beach view and the beautiful sea. At an altitude of 50 – 100 meters from the ground / water surface.

The parasailing umbrella has a semicircle shape. Use the force of the wind to push the umbrella or canopy (Canopy) open and float in the air at different heights depending on the length of the rope. which may start from 30 meters to more than 100 meters by using a boat to drag

Parasailing activities are highly safe Due to safety materials with staff to guide and help in every moment during the event, which is not expensive, accessible to everyone and gaining new experiences. with this activity I would like everyone to try to open up a new experience.

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