Why Visiting Hong Islands Must Be Part of Your Krabi Tour

The Koh Hong Archipelago is a group of four islands that is part of the National Marine Park in Krabi. These lumps of land are scattered among the rock formations in Phang Nga Bay, which makes it a stunning location in Krabi. Much like the other islands in the Andaman Sea, Hong Islands feature karsts that were formed by the erosion of softer rock around the limestone.


The four islands of Koh Hong

Hong Island features a fantastic lagoon covered with cliffs and a bay with excellent visibility for snorkeling. Meanwhile, Lading Island is where locals used to collect an essential ingredient for bird’s nest soup. While there is a small beach in this stunning Krabi location, tourists visit for its caves and rock formations.

There are more caves to explore at Pakbia Island, but some of which eroded into the cliffs near the sea. One side of Pakbia features a rocky section that is perfect for snorkeling. The other side has a small beach with trees that provide shade and a safe space for kids to play.

Finally, Daeng Island houses coral reefs that are visible from the surface during low tide. Located halfway between Ao Nang and Hong, Daeng has calm waves that are perfect for snorkeling even if it has no beach.


What to expect upon arrival

Koh Hong is approximately 45 minutes away via a longtail boat and 25 minutes via speedboat from Ao Nang. After landing at the island’s artificial pier, you must pay the National Park Fee at a desk that is a few steps down the floating dock. Walk further and you will witness a sheltered cove within Pelay Beach, which is a great snorkeling spot.

The trees that line up Pelay provide plenty of shade to relax and enjoy the captivating views. Meanwhile, the rocky cliffs that protect Pelay’s three sides create a narrow entrance that leads to the perfect place for snorkeling. There are no vendors in these islands which make this paradise a relaxing location without the influence of commercialism.


Ideal for day trips

Building resorts and private beaches in Hong Islands are prohibited because of its National Park status. However, given that the island’s name is Thai for “room,” there’s much room for enjoyment in this paradise, especially when you visit the lagoon in the middle of these islands.

As the boats pass by a spot where the calm, mangrove-filled water is waist-high, you will need to kayak your way past the rocky cliffs. Then, you must duck through a low arch before reaching the passageway to the secret lagoon, which can be easy to get past your sight if you’re not actively looking for it.


Final words

While a trip to Hong Islands will complete your Krabi experience, going to these locations is not easy. Therefore, you must book your longtail or speedboat beforehand to avoid the hassle during your travels. You can check travel agencies that offer trips to these beautiful islands or meet new friends and lessen expenses by joining another group of tourists.

If you’re looking to book a trip to Krabi, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!