The Many Ways To Explore the Beautiful Phang Nga Bay

If you’re planning a visit to Phang Nga Bay, prepare yourself for a treat. This place is one of the most spectacular places Thailand has to offer. However you go there, either by boat, bike, yacht, or kayak, it always is a new experience.


The best way you can explore the beautiful Phang Nga Bay is to book a tour along with your hotel. You are guaranteed to have a lovely day without needing to worry about anything. Are you wondering how you should explore Phang Nga Bay? This article has got you covered.


Phang Nga Bay

Out of the many ways to explore this stunning place, the best way you can experience is by kayak. Enter the site through one of its narrow passages and listen carefully to all the sounds of nature.


June Bahtra

If you’re interested in something a little more exotic, consider the June Bahtra cruise. With great food, comfortable cushions, and the starry night sky, it is an experience you will never forget. Obscured by almost total darkness, you can gaze into the stars and lie in awe at the beauty of nature.


Getting to Phang Nga Bay

If you stay at a hotel, you can easily book a day tour and boat rides from there. They will also include your transportation to and from your hotel and lunch. However, if you prefer a solo adventure, then a personal car would suffice. You can quickly drive from Phuket to Phang Nga, and the view along the way isn’t dull!

The roads by Phang Nga town are surrounded by beautiful cliffs covered by lush vegetation. A park is also found at the intersection between Phang Nga Town and Krabi road. It is dotted with caves and is truly a beautiful place to stay and relax. The park is especially popular with the locals as a place to enjoy a picnic. If you do decide to stop here and have lunch, watch out for monkeys.


What to Do in Phang Nga Bay

There are many places to visit here, such as James Bond Island, Koh Panyi, and the Reclining Buddha.


1 – James Bond Island

The most well-known location is James Bond Island, where the movie ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ was shot. In real life, this place is called Koh Tapu, which directly translates to ‘Nail Island.’ It is named that way for the funny shape of the island – thick on top, narrow at the bottom. Next to this is a tiny island where tourists go to take a photo of the island itself.


2 – Koh Panyi

Not too far away is Koh Panyi. Here, you’ll find a village that is all on stilts! The locals here thrive on fishing and tourism. Sometimes, Koh Panyi can get as crowded as James Bond Island, but if you visit outside peak hours, the entire place is yours!


3 – The Reclining Buddha

Another place that you must visit is Wat Suwan Khuha and the Reclining Buddha. Where do you find the golden Buddha? It’s in the cave! Keep in mind to keep your stuff in check and secure them with you, as there are plenty of monkeys ready to snatch your things.


Whether you choose to follow a tour or explore the place by yourself, no trip will indeed be complete without a visit to the beautiful Phang Nga Bay!


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