Your Guide to Traveling to Chiang Rai

We’ve all heard of Chiang Mai, Thailand, but other neighboring cities are just as fun. If you haven’t heard of Chiang Rai, you will want to find out more about it. There are tons of fun, relaxed activities to do while in Chiang Rai. If you’re tired of the Chiang Mai bustle, take the 700 km bus ride up to this small town and enjoy the greenery and cooler weather. Here are some things to add to your Chiang Rai itinerary:


The famous White Temple

You’ve heard of this temple if you’ve ever stepped foot in Chiang Mai, and might have even taken the bundled trips to see it. Since Chiang Rai is only about a 3-hour drive, people will sometimes take day trips to go and see the white temple of Chiang Rai. Rebuilt by the local artist Chalermchai Kositpipat, this temple’s newest renovations have an artistic approach to the religious display of Thailand’s Buddhist beliefs. Thus, it’s a remarkable structure that is a must-see when you go to Chiang Rai.


Baan Dam Museum

This museum is a national treasure with it’s beautifully landscaped garden, animal remains, and artistic features, this black architectural structure will wow you in its amazing carvings, alligator-skinned floors, buffalo horn tables, and other animal displays all created by Thawan Duchanee.


Wat Rong Sear Team

This vibrant blue temple is a sight for sore eyes with it’s historical, majestic impressions. This blue structure with its golden detailing will definitely be worth the visit. As you enter the structure, you will see a majestic Buddha sitting, surrounded by columns. The walls showcase some beautiful hand-painted imagery of historical and religious pieces. As soon as you enter, you can feel the serenity and peace of the Lord Buddha.


Singha Park

This fantastic park has 12.8 km of fertile land with biking trails, exotic animals to check out, and fruits and vegetables for picking. There is also a zip line and tons of photo opportunities, especially in the beautiful Cosmas fields. This is an excellent place to enjoy a romantic stroll in or some family-friendly fun. Spending time here can be relaxing and entertaining for anyone of any age or lifestyle. There is also a huge golden Singha logo at the entrance that you can’t miss! Take a picture in front of it and commemorate your trip there before entering to enjoy your time at the park.


Oub Kham Museum

If you are a fan of the Lanna era of Thailand, this is your opportunity to learn more about it. This museum will showcase some extensive displays of antiques, Buddha statues or other structures, costumes, artifacts, and even old pottery from the Lanna history era. Five different rooms will display these items and art. There is also a man-made cave where you can see a bunch more historical displays. You will find a lot of teak wood carvings and golden embellishments. There are a ton of fun things to see here, and you will learn a little more about the history of Northern Thailand while you’re at it.


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