5 Tips for Taking Beautiful Photos of Your Kids at the Beach in Thailand

The holidays are fast approaching, and many parents are now preparing for their family vacation. If you’re planning to take your kids to the beach, one of the most important items in your things-to-do list is to take beautiful pictures of your family. No background is more magical than the natural setting that the beach provides. The fine white sand, clear blue skies, and turquoise waters—imagine the stunning family photos you can have!

For parents, however, the struggle of having your kids pose for a decent picture is all too real. Once your kids are out in an open space, they’d rather have fun in the waters than sit still for the camera. Below, we’ll share some tips and tricks on how you can capture amazing moments with your children while enjoying your beach vacation:


1. Let kids be kids

Kids love to play, and they will do so whenever they get the chance. Be patient, and remember that this is their vacation too! Set up your camera from a distance as you watch them frolicking in the sand. Never mind if you don’t get a shot of them smiling directly at the camera. Candid moments are the best kind of photos because they evoke genuine emotions and capture real memories.

Here’s a pro tip: To avoid blurry images, set your digital camera to sports mode, or set your shutter speed to a higher setting. If you’re using your smartphone, try taking burst images so you can capture your kids’ movements in milliseconds.


2. Zoom out

As parents, we want our kids to be the star of the show. As cute as they are, close-up pictures of their adorable faces can get repetitive. Take advantage of the beach’s beautiful views—step back, zoom out, and fill the frame with more scenery. Your children will look small in the shot, but you’ll get professional-looking wide shots that are great to display in your living room.


3. Zoom in

Once you have enough scenic pictures, remember to mix up your shots and capture interesting details. Are your kids building a sandcastle? Zoom in and take shots of their little hands. Are they running by the shore? Take snaps of their feet. These are the details you want to take with you when you go home.


4. Don’t forget to take sunset shots

There’s something magical about sunsets. The way the skies change its tones from bright yellows to warm oranges is always a sight to behold. During your day at the beach, stay until the golden hour, and take gorgeous silhouette shots of your kids. These are classic pictures you’ll be glad you took when your children are all grown up.


5. Find the road less traveled

Tropical islands are famous for beautiful beaches, but there are other sights to behold as well. Explore the off-beaten paths and take your children through side streets and local cafes. It’ll be a cultural experience for them, and you’ll have memorable pictures of the fantastic family time you’ve created.

Going on beach vacations is a great way to bond as a family. Make these memories last a lifetime by taking wonderful photos! If you’re looking to book a trip to Phuket, Krabi or one of Thailand’s many beach islands, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!