5 Street Art Murals to Visit in Phuket Town

A seemingly-endless list of things to do and sights to see and awaits tourists that visit Phuket Town, but none are as amazing and breathtaking as the Thai tourist destination’s street art scene.


From the famous Red Tortoise and the Lion that can be found at the Chinese Shrine, to the mural of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej on Dibuk Road, Phuket Town is jam-packed with a vast array of different types of street art that can capture the hearts and minds of tourists and locals alike.


Street art scene attractions to visit

Looking forward to seeing the best of Phuket Town’s street art scene during your next visit? Here are the murals that you’ll definitely have to check out when you’re there:



“Children with Firecrackers”

This marvelous piece of street art can be found opposite the renowned Ko Benz boiled rice restaurant, at the intersection of Krabi and Patiphat Road. “Children with Firecrackers” is a mural that portrays children in white clothing playing with firecrackers in the midst of a street parade that is held in honor of the world-renowned annual Phuket vegetarian festival.

Although it’s not as famous as the other murals in the area, the Children with Firecrackers mural earned a spot on our list because of the intricate colors and details that comprise it.



“Teacher and Students”

Found in the tight alley at the entrance of the Wat Kajorn Rangsan Temple along Ranong Road, the “Teacher and Students” mural depicts an inspiring image of a teacher and her students. It shows a priceless perspective on education as a whole. One of the most compelling stories behind this mural is that the temple it’s located in was one of the first schools in Phuket. Doesn’t that make this mural a great way to commemorate an institution?



“The Bride and The Groom”

Thanks to popular demand, “The Bride and The Groom” mural can now be viewed by visitors at the Baan Chinpracha house. Aside from the many beautiful Baba dresses displayed in it and the Sino-themed architecture that the structure is based on, the real star of the show is a mural that takes people back into the past through the portrayal of how couples dressed for marriage in the olden times. The Baan Chinpracha House and the mural can be found at 98 Krabi Road.



“Sweet Dream Girl”

A rather-adorable mural with a whimsical theme behind it, the “Sweet Dream Girl” mural depicts a girl dressed in Baba-style clothing, which is usually worn for a wedding ceremony in Phuket Town. She is fast asleep on her bed with a bunch of sweets in her hand. The eye-catching street art piece can be found in the alley next to the Hongkong Restaurant on Ratchada Road.



“Tiffin Carrier”

For those who are unfamiliar with a Sia Nah or Tiffin Carrier, it’s a special type of old-fashioned food container that is heavily used in Thai cuisine. The “Tiffin Carrier” mural is one of the most colorful in the area, as it is packed with color and plenty of other stunning visual elements.

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