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  • Tour Includesผลไม้ตามฤดูกาล
  • Tour Includesไกด์ท้องถิ่น
  • Tour Includesอาหารกลางวัน
  • Tour IncludesElephant Trekking


In Phang Nga Province, embark on an amazing rafting adventure and see some of Thailand’s famous attractions like the Monkey Cave and an Elephant Sanctuary. This is the perfect way to see these popular destination with an adrenaline inducing twist thrown in to make them new and exciting. Bring the whole family along for this action packed day tour! Program D + Shooting: Monkey Cave + Flying Fox + 5 Kilometer Rafting Trip + Lunch + Elephant Trekking (30 Minutes) + ATV Ride (30 min) + Handgun Practice + Fruit Test



1 day


Island Safari



* ค่าบริการรถรับส่ง: 300 THB/คน

07.15 – 07.30 Pick up from your hotel.
10.00 Monkey Cave Temple: Here you can see a smirking gold buddha that lays on its side at an incredible fifteen meters long! In addition to some other relics and religious items in the cave, probably one of the best attractions of these caves is the charismatic little monkeys that populate the space outside, pestering tourists for their attention… and bananas!
10.30 Free Flying Fox & Briefing: For the braver members of the group try out the flying fox! A lateral lying zipline that travels at blinding speeds in the canopy meters above the forest floor. After the Flying fox relax and listen to the safety instructions for the rafting trip.
11.00 Rafting Expedition: See the jungle like you’ve never seen it before on this five kilometer rafting journey! Feel the bamboo raft splash side to side as your head spins trying to take in all the gorgeous views passing you by.
12.00 Delicious Thai Buffet Lunch: Have a bountiful Buffet Meal at a restaurant nearby with tons of local dishes and produce.
13.30 Visit Elephant Sanctuary + ATV Ride: At the elephant sanctuary you will get an up close and personal with these majestic creatures. After you’ve established a personal connection with the elephants, you will be allowed to ride one along a beaten down forest path. Enjoy seeing the jungle from the best seat in the house! After the ride take a dirt grinding ATV through one of Thailand’s most remote trails.
14:30 Handgun Practice: Shoot five bullets from .22 mm pistol. Great for gun lovers, or people wanting to learn!
15.00 Fruit Testing at Lungkhai Fruit Garden: This lovely outdoor market offers a wide selection of exotic fruits, some of which you’re sure to not have tried before. So what are you waiting for? Take a bite!
15.30 Transfer back to hotel
16.30 – 17.00 Arrival at hotel.
  • Transfer Round Trip
  • Professional  Guide
  • Accident insurance
  • Buffet Lunch
  • ครีมกันแดด
  • ชุดว่ายน้ำ
  • ผ้าขนหนู
  • กล้องถ่ายรูป
  • หมวก
  • รอยยิ้มและคนรู้ใจ
  • เสื้อผ้าแห้งสำหรับเปลี่ยนกลับ

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ผู้ใหญ่ (12+)
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