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On this Phang Nga safari, experience a half day with animals in the jungle. Enjoy Three Elephant related activities (Trekking, Bathing, and Performance). Relax in a fish spa, learn about Thai Boxing, then take a trip to real Thai rice farm to participate in some farming activities (Ox-Cart Ride & Photo with Buffalo). End the day with a wonderful fruit buffet! Perfect for the traveller who doesn't like to do too much in one day or is limited on time. Program Half Day Safari Elephant Trekking (30 Min) + Elephant Monkey Show + Elephant Bathing + Fish Spa + Thai Boxing + Rice farm visit + Ox-cart riding + Rubber Tapping + buffalo photo + Mangrove Kayaking + Thai Fruit Buffet 



1 day


Island Safari



* ค่าบริการรถรับส่ง: 300 THB/คน

07.15-07.30 Pick up from your hotel.
08.30 Arrive at Elephant Sanctuary for Briefing Program.
8.45 Elephant Trekking (30 Min), At the elephant sanctuary you will get up close and personal with these majestic creatures. After you’ve established a personal connection with the elephants, you will be allowed to ride one along a beaten down forest path. Enjoy seeing the jungle from the best seat in the house!
Elephant & Monkey Show: During the elephant show be amazed at what the elephants have been trained to do, impressive for a human to do, let alone a 1000 Kg land mammal!
Elephant Bathing: Bond with one of these enormous creatures! They love the water, and are always happy to make new friends and get them a little dirty.
Thai Rice Farm Pattie: Explore this fascinating little rice patty and meet the local farmer as you learn about Thai rice farming techniques.
Fish Spa: Let these friendly little creatures nibble your troubles away as provide a natural skin treatment for your addled feet. Sit back and relax and let the fish work their magic!
Thai Boxing: Enjoy watching (and even learning some moves) from this ancient Thai fighting tradition! Watch the fighters flip and throw kicks at lightning speed as you patiently attempt to mimic their movements.
Ox-Cart Ride: Take a little trip on an old school ox-cart used for transporting the harvest from the farm.
Rubber Tapping: Learn about the ancient art of rubber tapping and how this valuable natural resource put Thailand on the international trade map.
Buffalo Photo: Take a photo with this and many other farm animals during your stop here!
11.45 Kayak: through the sea rivers and the mangrove forest. Observe the wild plants and animals forming the complex ecosystem of the forest around you. Don't be afraid to stop your kayak and take some pictures. Just try not to drop your paddles, because some of the sights are so stunning that you may lose you grip!
12.30 Thai Style Lunch: Devour a lunch of traditional thai cuisine after a jam-packed morning. Enjoy the spices and subtle flavors and chat with your party about the adventure you had together.
13.00 Transfer back to hotel.
13.30 Arrive at your hotel.
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