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Get a complete picture of coastal Thailand on this multi-island tour! Hop from Phang Nga Bay to the legendary caves of Panak Island back to the scenic Hong Island for canoeing then to Panyee Village (the famous floating fisherman village) and finally the famous “James Bond Island” or Tapu Island. Enjoy a tasty buffet-style lunch aboard one of our luxury boats as we glide among the waves as you visit these five unqiue locations. Also enjoy some canoeing, beach fun, and swimming while you spend an unforgettable day on this special tour. Vehicle: Luxury BoatTravel the sea in style on one of our luxury vessels. This option is best for the leisurely traveller who puts comforts comfort and relaxation above everything else. 



1 day


Patri Tour


พังงา, เกาะเจมส์บอนด์, อ่าวพังงา

* ค่าบริการรถรับส่ง: 200 THB/คน

07.30 – 08.00 Transport from your hotel to Ao Por Pier.
09.30 Arrive at Ao Por Pier: Sip on some complimentary coffee or tea and take a dessert as you wait for the boat to depart.
09.45 Depart from Ao Por Pier to Hong Island Bay (Phang Nga): Climb aboard one of our luxury boats and see the Thai Coast in style and comfort as you set off to the first destination of the tour.
10.30 Arrive at Panak Island: Explore in the island's extensive cave system. While going through the caves notice the abnormal shapes of the entrances and rocks inside carved by the ocean breeze. A perfect location for taking pictures that are a little less typical than your average Thai Beach photo.
11.30 Depart from Panak Island to Hong Island (Phang Nga): Return back to Hong for some canoeing! Our guides will paddle you around Hong Island (Phang Nga) for canoeing with experienced guides as they take you through the hidden caves and lagoons. Try not to drop your paddles as some of the sights are so stunning that you may lose you grip!
12.30 Lunch on board a Luxury Boat: Have a bountiful Buffet Meal as you navigate along the sea. Have fun tasting a variety of local dishes and produce.
13.30 Visit the famous Fisherman Village (Koh Panyee): This community is built on the side of a tiny island and made of floating rafts and barges. The fishing boats docked all around the village serve as its main source of income to fund the people’s markets, public buildings, and even a floating football court! Here you can walk around town to see what life is like for a village that floats on the ocean.
14.15 Visit James Bond (Tapu) Island: This famous villains layer is a truly breathtaking location showcasing golden beaches and sharp rock formations, great for pictures, and it’s hard not to feel like a secret agent as you stroll through the remote and exotic scenery. Make sure to admire the spectacular Khao Phing Kan, an enormous wedge-shaped rock erupting out of the sea near the island. Find Khao Phing Kan: Walk around the island until you find this famous view. Make sure to admire the enormous wedge-shaped rock erupting out of the sea and take some awesome photos at this great location!
14.45 Depart from James Bond Island for Swimming: Take one last stop at an aesthetically pleasing ocean location. Swim in the sapphire sea for about an hour as you relax, cool off, and discuss all the incredible thing you did during this tour!
15.45 Depart from swimming and begin return by luxury boat: Be sure to enjoy your last ride of the day on this amazing water vessel! Lay out on the deck or hang your head over the railing as you take in the amazing landscape one more time!
16.00 Arrive at Ao Por Pier and transfer back to your hotel.
  • Roundtrip Ao Por Pier transfer
  • Life jacket
  • Buffet lunch on board
  • Seasonal Fruits, soft drink, coffee and tea
  • Canoe equipment with professionalcanoe paddler
  • Attentive guide
  • Life insuprance
  • ครีมกันแดด
  • กล้องถ่ายรูป
  • หมวก
  • รอยยิ้มและคนรู้ใจ

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