4 of the Best Waterfalls in Phuket That You Must Visit

When you think of an island paradise, most people will immediately think of a quiet, secluded beach with waves crashing upon the shore. But what about an amazing jungle with a serene waterfall in the middle of it? That can also be paradise, right? You can find one of those when you go to Phuket. Phuket is among one of the most well-preserved areas in Thailand when it comes to natural beauties, and there are many amazing waterfalls that you can visit.


If you’re looking to experience the wilderness of Phuket, here are four magnificent jungle waterfalls that you must not miss:


1. Bang Pae Waterfall

Bang Pae Waterfall is located in the heart of Khao Phra Thaeo National Park, which has an entry fee of 200 baht per person, but we can assure you the entire experience is worth it. You will get to trek across a winding track that will take you to different parts of the mountain range before ending up at a hidden waterfall in the middle of a valley. It’s an amazing scene that will make your imagination and sense of wonder go wild. If that sounds like something you will enjoy, make sure to include Bang Pae Fall in your travel plans.


2. Ton Sai Waterfall

Ton Sai Waterfall is also located in Khao Phra Thaeo National Park, which is a 20-minute walk away from Bang Pae Fall. While Ton Sai Waterfall may not be as grand as Bang Pae Waterfall, it’s still beautiful in its own way. The water is crystal clear and the flower patches nearby give it the look of a natural garden. Due to its close proximity and smaller size, Ton Sai Fall is referred to as the “Little Brother Waterfall.” It’s an ideal place for birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts to visit, as it’s where many animals come to drink.


If you’re not sure whether you can follow the track here, you can hire a personal guide from the tourist information center at the entrance. You will have to pay them a small fee, of course, but the added safety and efficiency will be worth it.


3. Kathu Waterfall

If you want to see something out of a fantasy novel, Kathu Waterfall is definitely what you’re looking for. It’s not a massive waterfall by any means; instead, it’s a series of small falls with stepping stones that allow the water to cascade down the cliffside beautifully. There’s even a side path that you can climb to get to the top of the waterfall, but you have to be careful, as the track can be slippery. Once you’re at the peak, make sure not to get to close to the edge, as there’s no fence to keep you from falling over the edge.


The entrance fee to the waterfall park is 100 baht for foreigners and 20 baht for locals, and there are snack bars and drinks for sale on the way in. Just be sure to discard your trash responsibly as there may be no available trash cans near the waterfall.


4. Ao Yon Waterfall

If you don’t want to deal with the crowds, Ao Yon Waterfall is where you should go. It’s in the south side of Phuket, just a short drive from Cape Panwa. You will see a small faded sign that will lead you inland on a back road, but don’t worry, it’s not as scary as you think. Once you get to the parking lot, the waterfall is only a short walk away. Along the way, you will see some local huts and even water buffalo walking about, giving the area a genuine countryside feel. The waterfall itself isn’t as large or majestic as the other ones, but it’s a quiet and secluded place, which makes it perfect for a small getaway. There are some drop pools at the bottom of the waterfall, which are great for swimming. If you don’t want to get wet, feel free to just sit around and spend time with your friends and family throughout the afternoon.


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