Interesting Things to Do in Koh Chang – Our Guide

Located in Trat Province, Koh Chang, or “Elephant Island,” is one of the biggest islands in Thailand. The name Elephant Island comes from the fact that the island has an elephant-shaped head. Koh Chang is widely known for its picturesque beaches, a vibrant nightlife scene, and jungles. If you are planning to visit Koh Chang, here is a list of things and activities to do:

Walk to Kai Bae Waterfall

Koh Chang is home to numerous waterfalls where you can hike to. Keep in mind that most of these waterfalls are in the National Park, in which you will be charged for 200 Baht to enter. Many of them also require that you find a guide to go in with you. That being said, one waterfall that is free of charge and does not require a guide is Kai Bae Waterfall.

The waterfall is not widely known among tourists, which is why expats are referring to the place as “Secret Waterfall.” Kai Bae Waterfall is one of the most secluded and quiet waterfalls on the island, which makes it the best place to go if you want privacy. This hidden waterfall is a 40-minute walk from Kai Bae Beach.

Go On a Snorkeling Tour

Koh Chang is one of the best places to go to for a snorkeling tour. You will get to explore the gorgeous coral reefs and various fish species. Although tickets are available for sale throughout the island, you can get the best deals on the boat itself. You will find many fishing ships at the end of Bang Bao pier where snorkeling tours are offered. These snorkeling tours will take you to five spots that are within sight of each other, many of which also serve lunch on the boat as well. When you go on a snorkeling tour, be sure to bring sunscreen and a bottle of water with you.

Visit Bang Bao Floating Village

Bang Bao pier is an old fishing village, which is why this place is worth a visit – even if you are not planning to go on a snorkeling tour. You will see that most of the buildings have been remodeled into restaurants, boutiques, and guesthouses. However, there are many villagers carry on with their old lifestyle regardless of the change.

At Bang Bao dock, you can observe the fishing boats and enjoy some meals at one of the restaurants on the pier. One thing that you should avoid getting is the fish as they can be quite overpriced. Instead, go to Chill House for a nice meal and some drinks.

Have a Lazy Day at White Sand Beach

Sometimes, the best thing to do is not to do anything at all. Spend your day lounging around on White Sand Beach in the northern part of Koh Chang. Whether you want to have a sunbathing session or have a nice walk on the soft sands, you can do whatever you wish to do here. All you have to do is choose your spot on the sand and relax!


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