How to Keep Your Valuables Safe at Hostels

When you travel on a budget, you will most likely have to stay at a hostel. If you opt for a private room, that should not be a problem. If you are staying in a dorm room, however, you need to know how to keep your things safe.


This is not an accusation that someone will steal your valuables. Let’s be real, unexpected events can occur at any moment. You never know what could happen. That is why safety needs to come first. If you don’t want to wake up and find that camera or laptop is gone, take our advice into consideration. Here is how to secure your valuables when you stay at a hostel:


Read the reviews before booking


When you go through a list of hostels, it is encouraged to read reviews about each of them. You should look for comments on their guests’ safety and security. We recommend you look at the recent reviews. These are more reliable than outdated ones.


There is a possibility that you might not find reviews about safety or theft. To be fair, the hostels’ owners might have deleted those negative comments already. That is not a problem. You can check by looking at the pictures posted by the travelers or hostels.


Try to see whether they provide lockers or safes for their guests or not. If there are none in sight, you may assume that the establishment in question might not be safe. Moreover, you should check the neighborhood the hostel is in. Go on Google Maps to do so. If you want to dig deeper, just run the name of the hostel and the area through a search engine to find out more about them.


Use the lockers


We all know that using a locker is the safest way to store your valuables. But you cannot do that if the hostels do not provide lockers to their guests. Even if they do, you should remember that they are not that spacious.


Do not expect to be able to put your whole backpack in a locker. We suggest you bring a separate small bag for your valuables. When you get to the hostel, you can just put this bag into the locker. You may use the lockers to keep your valuables safe while you are sleeping or exploring the area. This way, you can travel in peace without worrying about someone stealing your stuff.


Bring padlocks


Although your hostel has lockers, it doesn’t mean that they will also have padlocks for you. The best thing to do is to travel with your own padlocks. To make things more convenient for you, it is best to get a padlock without a key. Get one that can be unlocked with a combination. If you think you will forget the combination, just note it down on your phone or let your friends know about it.


Not only should you get one for your locker, but you should buy a lock for your backpack as well. Even though you do not have any valuables in your backpack, it is still better to have your things secured.


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